Sickness Policy

Your employees are most likely the biggest cost in your company. Usually the difference between a healthy and an unhealthy workforce is as simple as making a focus on diet, a clean environment and staff well-being.

Want to know how much sickness is taken? As much as 1 million workers take time off each week due to sickness

Employee absence has a significant impact on your organisation’s performance.  Below are a few things that you can do to help reduce sickness

What’s the root cause? For an individual, there might be problems on the job or home which are causing the absences. These might be challenging to speak about. If you’ve noticed lots of sicknesses in your office, it might be that the office isn’t being cleaned properly

Either way, it’s possible to deal with sickness absence effectively and frequently prevention is far better than cure.

What’s your sickness policy? In addition to good info, managing sickness absence requires a clear policy. For employers to tackle sickness absence at work, keep an eye on staff sickness absence patterns. Have you noticed a lot of Monday & Friday ‘sicknesses’, for example?  

It’s also important that all employees know who they need to tell if they’re off sick, so make sure that you have crystal clear processes for handling sickness

Handle it properly to stay out of the courts When an employee feels they’ve been unfairly dismissed, they may take their case to an employment tribunal. In this case, it’s down to you as an employer to prove that they were dismissed fairly, not for them to prove that you dismissed them unfairly

What if my cleaner is underperforming?

A clean office provides you a crystal clear and relaxed mind, not to mention the wellness benefits. Cleaning is one of the most important portion of our life as it gives the basis to do everything else!

Office cleaning is usually allotted a big workforce and a lot of cleaning supplies and equipment so as to cover all the bases. Instead of attempting to do your cleaning done in-house and with your own employees, you could save yourself money by employing expert cleaners.

Your office is not just about having a polished area to receive your client. An office is the extension of your service, which you can regard as an advertising channel. A small office cleaning can create a superb impression on clients and employees.

What if my cleaner is under-performing?

The first step is always to bring it up with them. Tell them your concerns and post cleaning schedules as well as area rules as an added measure of ensuring that it’s clear what you need them to do. 9 times out of 10, this solves the problem!

If the problem areas persist however, then you might want to talk to other cleaners to get their opinion. If this sounds like you, get in touch today


Should I refurbish my office ?

Have you been thinking about this recently? The office is where all the action happens. If you’re working in a little space, you would like to make the most of the place.

Before you hire an expensive decorator to remodel your office, here’s a few thoughts that you might find helpful


Could I just de-clutter the office?

The office layout needs to be considered prior to any refurbishments are made. A tidy office is just one of the advantages of becoming rid of clutter. It is only one of the benefits of getting rid of clutter. The condition of the office also impacts the morale of the employees.

There are various means by which you can design an office with furniture. Sometimes even a simple moving of desks will make your office seem like a more spacious and open place to work!


Is my office just in need of a good scrub?

Most companies simply see cleaning as a line item on the yearly accounts. It’s so much more than that though! A clean office underpins a great impression for clients

Imagine you’re a client walking in to your office. A clean and tidy office helps build the impression that you’re trustworthy and skilled. It’s an extra bit of info that helps them decide that they would like to do business with you.

A thorough cleaning schedule doesn’t have to break the bank either. Office cleaning doesn’t have the identical intensity, so lots of our clients prefer our professional cleaning to be run on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

You can also hire expert office cleaners from time to time to really spruce the place up


I’ve decided, I want a redesigned office!


Very exciting! It’s always nice to have a snazzy new place. If you currently have office furniture, a good way to save money is to coincide with your new furniture to the old.

If you decide on versatile as well is functional office furniture, your office will allow you to be efficient while it’s still simple to move around the workplace.


So why don’t you take the very first step in rejuvenating your company, keeping a wholesome office is not going to only look good but it is going to aid with staff productivity.


Small Office Cleaning Tips from a Cleaning Jobs Pro in Bristol

You just started your business and acquired a small office for your everyday operations. You have thought of how to keep your offices clean and you have thought why not it cleaned once or twice a week have. You are in the right place because I am going to talk about small office cleaning.

If there is, something even clean corporate offices cannot avoid is dust. Dust is everywhere you just need to care and look. You shelves, paper, directories, keyboards, drawers and cabinets, windows and the monitor will always have dust. There is, however, a solution to this. You can always clean these places every time you are free maybe at the beginning or at the end of each day to avoid picking infections as you work.

Install bins in your office
The people you work with need to see them in the office so they can use them. Talk to them about it so that all that is useless goes into it. Even after cleaning, there are items like staples, papers, photocopy paper carriers that need to be gotten rid of. The best way to avoid such a situation is by having such installations in your office at any time.

Organise your office
Another tip that will ensure the office is clean is by being organised. Paperwork makes your office unappealing. The best way to solve this problem is by having files and a cabinet at a given point of your office. Once you have a file for all groups of documents. Whatever that is useless can be disposed of. Small office cleaning job firms will tell you that in the case that the office is unorganised it becomes a challenge for them to detect what is appropriate and what is not. You might end up losing important customer details or information.

Handle the floors
Floors are just the easiest parts of the office to clean. These days we have vacuum cleaners. Acquiring one will save your time and money you could have spent on the every time cleaning equipment. Since you are not allowing professional cleaning to your workspace every time. Having such an item is a big boost. A perfect cleaning hack for your carpets and bare floors.

Designated Eating Areas
The best way to adopt the one or two days professional cleaning for your small office is by having you and your staff not eating right at the work areas. Designate a given point of your office for food, drinks or beverages. This will means for anyone to eat they move to the area, this reduces on crumbs and food remains to get to your work area and worksheets. Such can be a source of a bad image to your customers. It will also ease up on time spent on cleaning having you focus on your job.

A clean work area motivates work and staff and improves performance.

Need a Domestic Cleaning Company in Bristol?

You just moved to Bristol and you just do not have the time to do a first-time domestic cleaning of your home. You definitely need a domestic cleaning firm to help with that. But finding one that suits you is not quite easy because all these firms are owned by different firms, have different styles of working and I bet you need the best of a domestic cleaning service. Below are the major considerations in hiring a domestic cleaning firm:

Is the cleaning firm professional?
This can be somebody’s side hustle. Something the firm does while spying on people. Research and let them show you their credentials from an office presence to a VAT registration certificate. This way in the case, anything goes wrong you know what measures to take. However, you should be able to get genuine domestic cleaning firms in Bristol.

Is the cleaning firm consistent?
Domestic cleaning is a sensitive kind of cleaning job. This is the kind of job where you do not need to see different domestic cleaners every week. Know if the firm is in the business of always changing a cleaner every week. This is not what you need; it all goes down to trust for a given cleaner. A good firm notices that and gives you the cleaner you are used to, the cleaner that understands the needs of your house.

Is the firm insured?
Domestic cleaning is not a cleaning job full of occupational hazards but anything can happen. Because you are a client, you do not want to be liable or for an incident that happens in that house. There could be a fire, a theft, or a damage in property worth a lot or so little. Still, ensure the firm is covered to compensate for damages that might result from their activities.

Are the cleaners trained?
Some people avoid professional cleaners and go for random guys for their firms. But for a client who is paying you are looking for value for your money. Somebody that understands where to look when cleaning your house. You do not want to pay for a shoddily done job. Hire a cleaning firm with trained cleaners to get the service for the money you pay.

Check their customer service and accessibility
A good domestic cleaning services cleaning firm needs a good customer service. Once they do cleaning, the narrative does not end there, you should be able to get to them with recommendations or a future order. There could be a problem with payment, you should be able to fix it through the phone without having to go to the offices or if need be there, the location should be accessible for you to go in person. The firm should not disguise itself in a mobile number; the customer service should be there in the office hours, whenever you need it.
What cleaning techniques does the domestic cleaning firm use?
I will always go for eco-friendly methods of cleaning. A firm that uses these methods cares for the environment. This means a lot and speaks loads about the firm. A firm that cares for the environment cares for the staff and cares for you.

End of tenancy cleaning tips

Living in a home is a major parts of our life.

Somewhere in life, we are tenants somewhere. We pay the deposit to secure the place and later we get to do our lives or business in that space. The place will not remain the same as we left it, but we can do something about it to make sure the owner of the property refunds the deposit: Perform an end of tenancy clean!

Check and clean the walls
This is the section of the house that angers property owners. Marks on the wall because of the dust, cleaning activities, children and friends playing around should be cleaned. If they are lesser marks wash them off if they are multiple marks try to use a paint of the same colour. If you leave walls in a poor state, once the owner inspects it, they will slash expenses for deposit. You do not want this to happen. Leave the wall spotless.
Leave the curtains clean
Some good property owners will install curtain holders and curtains for you. The best you can do on an end of the tenancy is to leave them the way you got them. Often times we forget and dry our hands with the curtains, oh some wipe the windows with the curtains. A property owner will check their curtains and request you have them done, if that does not happen they will deduct washing costs for the curtains, therefore, do not allow for that by doing this right.
Tidy up the living room
The property owner will not check everything; they just need to have an impression of the state at which you have left their house. The living room is just the place; you will see them passing their hands around for dust, for cobwebs, under the furniture, the cabinets and shelves. Always do your best to dust these key regions so that your end of tenancy exercise is an easy ride.
The kitchen can deny you your deposit
A lot happens in the kitchen, the sink, the taps, the shelves; the cookers need to be left just as clean as they were when you got to the house. If you want to make this easy for you, just make it a character cleaning those regions frequently, fix the cooker, dust the shelves, check the tap and clean the sinks. The property owner cannot wait to release your deposit.
The floor
You might have used carpets; the moment you choose to leave, the carpets will have left a bad mark in the region they covered. Carefully get rid of each piece of the carpet, clean the region and do the same for the entire floor. A bad floor can put off a new tenant this is exactly what the owner will say.
The bathroom
I cannot forget to talk about this. As a single man, I know just the points of the bathroom I can leave in a mess. Check the showerhead if it is there, checks the sinks, the mirror and other parts of the room. Clean regions that need to be tidied fix the broken mirror you punched while angry and fix the showerhead.
The above is just not the end of the list, there are many more but the above should be convincing enough to earn you the end of tenancy deposit refund.

Why you need an end of tenancy cleaning

As a property owner or a tenant end of the tenancy is just the beginning of the journey of seeking new tenants or getting back a full deposit.

You might not understand the best way to structure the cleaning but you need to do something to ensure the house is at its best so that it is marketable or as a tenant, it is in its original form. Below are the more reasons you should hire an end of tenancy cleaning firm:

This is your best chance at increasing the occupancy rate.
A house does not remain the same when lived in.The best way to have a prospect tenant choosing your house is by having the house in its best state. End of tenancy will return glory to your house making it shine.

For a tenant: you do not want to be the reason the house does not get another client. Using the services of an end of tenancy firm should be able to leave the place spot on to allow for another person to use it or live in it.

Saves your money
End of tenancy cleaners are professionals and generally they come with a  guarantee for what they do. Instead of having to buy cleaning equipment, every time you as a tenant leaves or as a property owner hire an End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services Company. They come with state of the art cleaning equipment that can help fix the vacant property in no time.

Saves Time
You are a property owner and it is not the thing you do or a tenant who is on a tight schedule. You will need an end of tenancy cleaning firm for the job. You do not need to be there to see what happens, just state your needs and leave the firm to it. They should be able to fix the room as quick as possible. You should receive an invoice after the service, less energy spent, time put to other issues of your life. In any case, as a tenant, this should get you the deposit.

Perfect cleaning with no complaints
End of tenancy cleaners usually have their focus on just one job, making the place clean. They know exactly what places to look at. The end of tenancy cleaning firm should be able to leave the house stainless. Having the house in a good condition should spare you the drama of tenants or the property owner. You should be able to get your deposit (as a property owner get your next tenant) before you know it without complaints.

Be sure the professionals can do a better job than you can. Just get the right firm for the job.

Affordable office cleaning practices that save your money

Keeping your office cleaning is a great habit that can keep your customers flowing. Doing it, you can be tiresome, time wasting and sometimes you cannot do it perfectly. Office cleaning can be a costly service that pinches your finances hard. There are ways you can save money that leaks through affordable office cleaning as follows:

Specialized cleaning services can save you money
Most times, we order for wooden floors, tiled floors or even cemented floors. These floors have different ways of cleaning. If you get it wrong, your floor could wear out so fast that you will spend highly to have it replaced. Hire a professional to advise you on what to use for the cleaning of your floors, may cost a few bucks but save you a lot of money.

Check your cleaning supplies
You are not a good cleaning shopper and for every week or month, you are out shopping for a broken broom, leaked container or old hard brush. If you have a bigger team of cleaners you might be spending more on that equipment than what you could be spending on an affordable professional cleaner that can offer the services cheaply and even come with their own cleaning equipment saving you money.

Reduce what to clean
There are kinds of office cleaning you can do by yourself. Doing your desks, drawers and tables will mean you only pay for deep cleaning. You will pay less for a less demanding job. Such aspects can help you negotiate the price for your floors, windows and corridors.

Choose a better premium when paying for cleaning services
A half a year premium can be cheaper than a monthly premium. Paying money in bits can cumulatively prove to be expensive. I will advise you go for the broad period rates like three months payment, or six months payments, such methods will help you control amounts spent on cleaning. You will handle other businesses better when you are not leaking money for cleaning every month.

Employees should acquire better and clean office operation practices.
Paper, dust can be reduced or avoided. In the case, there is a lot of paper being used some employees tend to throw them to bin right from where they are seated. It can be better if you have the bins at points the employees can reach on a busy day. It will also be proper to install a mud remover or dusting cloth at the entrance so that employees do not pull mad and dirt into the room. Such habits and norms can save you money.

Decide cleaning frequency and consider a cheap hire
There are days that you will be busy and not able to do your office cleaning. At times, you can do the cleaning on a daily basis. If the cleaning is not a deep one and requires not much attention, you can employ someone to handle the cleaning of your office and pay him or her on a monthly basis this can be cheaper.

Safety Tips During Pub Cleaning

Pub cleaning is one of the complicated cleaning services your firm may be offering. If you want to make something out of it you might need to do it safely. Those that visit it can make it a harmful place to work. Come prepared for the worst, pay attention to the guidelines below to ensure you and your team stay safe throughout the cleaning process.

The floors and mats
The floors of a pub are the circus of everything from drunk dancing to fights. Somebody might have bumped into another only for the glass or bottle to fall and break. The waiter or waitress could have thought they cleared it all, be able to wear protectives like a closed pair of cleaner’s shoes and gloves to avoid injury during cleaning.

Heavy cylinders
Wash away from the liquor cylinders that might be mounted on each other. Slipping as you do your cleaning near the cylinders can be dangerous. If better, move the cylinders as you clean to prevent injury. Also, ensure the floors you are wiping stay clean.

Pubs with drains in or out of them can be a lot of work come prepared with good enough gloves, nose gears and boots to prevent infections. Spoilt liquor, urine and decayed water can be a bad source of infections to your body.

Electric Sockets
As you do your deep pub cleaning. I will advise you know the sockets and their conditions before you do it. Some places have sockets just inches below their floors. If possible that should be the area you first clean. Switch off the power to the areas and do a quick dry cleaning. A water spill can lead to shocks and before you know it there is panic.

Gas Cylinders and Fridges
Pub cleaning also means you can be helping with the pub’s kitchen. Gas cylinders are a hazard. As you are cleaning ensure you check for any leakages and fix them. Blowing the pub is not part of the services you are offering. The fridge should be well handled. Switch it off before you clean and maintain. Cleaning it while on can be dreadful just like any other electronic appliances.

Use modern ways of cleaning
The use of vacuum cleaners on the floors is one safe way of cleaning. The cleaners pick every dirt from dust to broken items like glass which you hand usually do. Clear the drains with pressured water pipes to clean out the dangerous debris before you do a scrub.

Use professional pub cleaners
They are always prepared for anything. Using a cleaner not aware of the hazards during a pub cleaning exercise can be costly. Hire a professional firm, they will carry with them the safest methods of cleaning, the right equipment and the right protectives during the cleaning exercise. A professional pub cleaner will assess the areas to work, know the risks they are exposed to and how to deal with them easily. In a case, someone gets hurt or exposed to infections that might cause a disease later they will know the right treatment for it.

The Service to Expect From a Communal Cleaning Services Company

Your organization has acquired a communal cleaning culture and your employees have done it for a long time. Maybe you want to start a communal cleaning services company or you want to know what services a communal cleaning services company offer. You might be thinking that maybe you have grown out of it or it is a good business venture. You are at the right place, below are the services you should expect from a cleaning firm of this nature.

Litter collection
They not only come to clean your kitchen area, coffee areas, changing rooms and walking away with a cheque at the end of a month. Litter they get from the communal areas is just part of their job. Being able to come at the end of the day and clearing the bins is what they should do. Litter from one day can fill the bins and can be a discouraging factor for employees in the next day.

Communal cleaning companies can do carpets
Carpets are not easy to clean on a daily basis like the floors but with a vacuum cleaner, things just get easy. If your offices have carpets, hiring a communal cleaning services company can save them for you. Carpets can be sensitive with dust felt as you walk on them. A cleaning firm should have someone good with carpets.

All cleaning services companies offer floor cleaning as a service. The difference is in how fast they do it, the equipment they use and how fast the floors can dry after being cleaned. A good communal cleaning services company uses eco-friendly methods of flooring.

Entrance mats
Communal cleaning services companies care about impression. Not only do they focus on the communal areas but the entrances. They call this service a shake, beat and vacuum. This service can save you the embarrassment of mad and debris carried to the doors on entering your company.

Odour and noxious elements removal
Employees walk into communal areas, they wipe out spills but the scent can remain and make people uncomfortable. The floors can be clean but the bins could be having fresh fruit or food remains that can leave the workplace smelling. A good communal services company has a provision for noxious substance removal that will keep the offices free of scent and fresh air flowing in.

Ceilings, corners and walls
Good communal cleaning services companies will help you do your ceilings and walls. Your employees might have been good at cleaning the communal areas but never in their thoughts did they think of the ceiling or corners of the kitchen or changing room or coffee corner. A communal services company can identify an untidy area in a communal working area so fast than anyone can. They should be able to help do the ceiling and wall too by getting rid of cobwebs and dust.

Woodworks and Ironmongery
I know of a communal cleaning services company that does not ignore the doors and frames. A deep clean by a communal cleaning services company should also work on the doors and frames. Being able to wipe the doors for dust and webs or polishing the iron areas could be iron stair rails should be an extra service a communal cleaning company offers.