Steps on cleaning your glass office walls

Steps on cleaning your glass office walls

Most of the modern offices these days have great use in glass walls. Glass wall provides an elegant look to the office not only do they offer a sophisticated look to the office, but it also offers excellent lighting to the entire room.

However, how good the glass walls look, they still are prone to attracting dirt very fast. Dirt and any spills tend to be more visible on these walls than on any other type of walls.

To clean your office glass walls, you need a few tips such as;

-Never use strong adhesives on your walls
These adhesives might stain your walls. Use glass friendly adhesives to prevent damaging the glass.

-Always use specialized cleaning solutions to clean your glass wall
Avoid using typical cleaning solutions as they might leave stains and scratches on your wall surfaces.

-Never forget to clean both sides of your glass wall
For your glass wall to look clean and neat, both sides of your glass wall need to be taken care of. Always clean your walls at least twice a week to make sure they are clean and spotless.

Always use the most appropriate method to clean your wall. There are different methods of wall cleaning, which include:
-A vertical method is a simple method that is carried out on windows that are taller and less wide.
-The horizontal method-this method is best when the window is wider and less tall.
-Fanning method-this is the method in which professionals use this method combines both vertical and horizontal actions without lifting the squeegee of the glass.

-Never clean your glass walls when the sun is out. Always clean during cloudy days to prevent quick drying of cleaning solutions, which leaves smears.

Steps to making your glass wall sparkling clean

-Always clean your glass from top to bottom to make sure no drops of cleaning solutions will drop on already clean surfaces
-Clean your windows on cloudy days. This is to prevent your cleaning solutions from drying before completing your cleaning process to prevent smears.
-Use a squeegee to clean your glass wall and polish off any stubborn dirt.
-Clean the corners of your glass wall using cotton swabs. They will help get rid of hidden small dirt where the squeegee cannot reach.
-To polish your windows, use old clothes or t-shirts as they rarely carry any dirt residues. This will also save on money instead of using a paper tissue to clean your glass.

Daily cleaning of your glass office wall
-Use a microfiber cloth to wipe your wall on the inside and outside.
-If the glass is stained by dirt, spray the cleaning solution on your glass and spread with a clean cloth.
-Then dry with a clean cloth to shine the glass.

Glass office walls require cleaning at least twice in a week to prevent dirt from occupying the glass and maintain its shine. Glass walls have become a motivation to cleanliness as they expose even the slightest dirt, which has made people cautious about their cleaning.

Steps on Cleaning Office Wooden Floor

Steps on Cleaning Office Wooden Floor

Wooden floors have become more convenient and reliable in the present day. Wood floors add this beautiful touch to our offices today. This has promoted the use of wooden floors in most of our offices. For us to be able to keep up with the shiny new look of our wood floors, we are required to use the right procedures and correct cleaning agents.

Before you start your cleaning, it is good to identify the type of wooden floor you are to clean to use the right cleaning agents.

Daily cleaning of a wooden office floor

Wooden floors don’t require regular cleaning there for dusting is done to remove light dust and maintain the shine.

To clean a wooden floor, you need a dry wool mop. Not only does it move dirt entirely, but it also holds the dirt until it is shaken off or washed on a sink.

Steps on daily cleaning
-Open the office windows to let in fresh air
-Collect and dispose all unwanted trash and empty the office dustbin
-Rearrange the office furniture to one corner and start cleaning systematically
-Vacuum the office furniture to remove any dirt or dust that might have clung
-Dust the whole wooden floor in bits using a dry wool mop to prevent from living behind and a trace of dirt

-Arrange the office furniture to their right place and make sure all office materials are in the right place

Weekly cleaning of wooden office floor

Weekly cleaning of wood floors requires more attention as we apply more effort and get rid of any strong stains on the floor during the week

Steps on weekly cleaning

-Open the office windows and allow fresh air into the office.

-Collect any unwanted dirt in the office and dispose of it.

-Rearrange the furniture and vacuum them.
-Start cleaning the wooden floor by dusting it using a dry woolen mop, and this will help get rid of light dirt before thorough cleaning begins.
-Then make a cleaning mixture as instructed by the manufacturer considering the type of wood used
-Apply the cleaning agents instructed mopping and scrubbing gently in small sections to avoid scratches.
-Use a damp mop to clean, avoiding a soaking wet one as water tends to be a terrible enemy to wooden floors.

-Dry the small section as you continue mopping using a dry mop . Allow the surface to dry as you proceed cleaning the rest of the floor.
-Repeat the procedure until the whole office is clean.
After drying the whole floor, polish the wooden floor to keep it shiny and presentable.
-Arrange the furniture and any office material in the right place.

Steps on keeping the wooden floor shiny

Polishing is done between 2-4 months to keep the floor shiny and presentable.

Polishing gets rid of any scratches and stains that may have occurred, preventing the floor from getting further damages.

You need to follow the following steps during floor polishing;

-First, clear the office by removing the furniture

-Then vacuum your floor using a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust and debris. When choosing your vacuum cleaner, make sure it doesn’t have any rough parts or faults to avoid it from damaging the floor.

-Mop your floor appropriately using the right cleaning agents as instructed by the manufacturer.

-Buff your office floor using a buffing machine or a dry cloth in small sections.

Then begin the polishing process;
-Purchase the right polish depending on your type of wooden office floor
-Before using the polish, read the instructions that are given to avoid damaging the floor or misusing the polish.
-Test your polish on a small section of the floor to be sure it is the right polish
-Start the polishing from the interior of your office to the outside, applying the polish in semi-circular motions.
-Allow the floor to dry to bring out its shine.

To make your wooden office floor presentable, it is good to follow the simple steps.

Wooden floors have become the new modern layout for our offices; it’s up to us to keep up with maintaining the new look.

Points on how to clean office cabinets

Cleaning office cabinets helps us have an organized working environment with easy access to important files. It is good once in a while in our offices to make sure we have thoroughly cleaned and organized our paperwork and files in an orderly manner. This helps us sort all kinds of data from the most important to the least important while discarding unwanted paperwork.

Equipment required for cleaning office cabinets
-Storage boxes
-Handheld vacuum cleaner
-Dust wipes
-Steel wool
-Dry clean cloth

Steps followed before cleaning of the cabinets
Before cleaning starts, we first remove all the files and contents in the cabinet

You can’t easily start cleaning the office cabinets before you arranged the files from the cabinets and put them in a safer place like storage boxes.

After you have arranged the important files in the storage boxes, it’s good also to get rid of the unwanted papers and dispose of them into the dustbin.

-Vacuum the cabinet drawers
This helps get rid of debris and any other stubborn dirt before cleaning begins.

-Dust the cabinets reaching the corners
Dirt is mostly hidden in the edges of the cabinet, so it is important to dust the corners before cleaning begins to get rid of the hidden dirt.

-Use steel wool to remove rust
Metal cabinets tend to store rust after some time, so it is important to Scrub it off gently to prevent any health hazards caused by the rust this also gives the cabinets an unsightly view if left UN attended to.

Steps to cleaning cabinets
-Prepare a soapy water mix.

-Do a good scrubbing starting from top to bottom, ensuring to touch all the surfaces of the cabinets to avoid dust and debris from settling on areas you’ve already cleaned.

-Use a mild detergent with warm water to get rid of grease or dirt. Go back to the top with a clean cloth to dry off the soap residue and dirt.

-If your cabinet has stayed for a while without cleaning or has, stains use bubbling alcohol to get rid of the stubborn stains. Do this by rubbing the alcohol on the affected area.

-Scrub away any left rust with extra-fine steel wool on the affected spot. Use minimum pressure to avoid scrubbing off the finish. If bare spots are left on the areas, apply metal paint.

-Dry the metal thoroughly to get rid of any water since the moisture can cause rusting.

-Finish the metal cabinets with waxing

Use car wax to give the cabinet a lustrous finish. Make sure to open windows while applying the wax for ventilation.

-After completely drying, put back the office file in order.

How to organize an office cabinet

-Come up with a filing system

This is how you will document your papers and documents in files

This can be done generally or specify in details of the documents.

You can use different filing systems such as: numerically, alphabetically, by names, by projects, by companies, by years, and by dates.

-List down all your files

This is whereby you come up with the names of files for easy specification on the data.

-Personalize your office files and cabinets

This will make your filing system easier and enjoyable at the same time.

This will also take a shorter time when you are required to find a file in the office cabinet.

-Come up with folders and hanging files

Do this using the list you came up with containing the names of different files.

After the process of filing your documents and paperwork, it will become easy to arrange your cabinet and access documents. This will save on time and make the office look presentable and tidy.

How to clean your painted office wall

How to clean your painted office wall

Most people often clean their office floors and forget about their office walls. Because we touch and lean on these walls regularly, it is time we started cleaning them like any other surface ocean our offices.

Today, different wall paintings have been invented; therefore, it is up to us to learn how to manage and keep them sparkling clean.

Types of office wall paintings and finishes

-Glossy or semi-gloss finishes
-Flat, satin and eggshell finishes
-Latex painted walls
-Oil-based painting

How to clean different walls with different paintings
Cleaning glossy and semi-gloss office walls

These paints are mostly used in the office kitchen walls and restrooms.
They are highly durable and last long.

-Use mild degreasers, although it’s advisable to use a soft sponge as the walls can still easily scratch
-Mix vinegar water and dish detergents letting the solution sit for about 10 minutes.
-Use a sponge to clean the walls by soaking it in the mixture then using it for the wall
-Make sure to wring the sponge before using it on the wall
-Start from the top left corner of your office restroom or -kitchen to the bottom using circular motions.
-Repeat the procedure on the wall making a new mixture to cleanse your wall.
-Turn on your office fan and open your windows to speed up the drying of the wall.

Cleaning flat, satin and eggshell finishes

The paint looks good on the interior office wall, as they do not bounce backlight.
They are less durable when it comes to cleaning
Avoid using harsh chemicals or degreasers when cleaning flat paint walls
Avoid scrubbing the walls too hard as the paint may pull off.

-Mix a few drops of dish detergent to water/2-3 spoons of vinegar to warm water.
-Soak a sponge into the water for a few minutes then wring.
-Use circular motions to clean your office wall, starting from the top left-hand side of your wall. Repeat the circular motions from top to bottom.
-Repeat the procedure for the second time to cleanse your wall.
-Leave your wall to dry by opening your office windows and directing your office fan towards the wall for faster drying.

Cleaning latex painted walls

-Use warm water with non-abrasive all-purpose cleaners.
-Dip your sponge into the mixture and then wring.
-Rub the wall with the sponge gently in circular motions from top to bottom.
-Rinse your wall with a clean sponge and clear water
-For stubborn stains such as fingerprints and spills, use a paste of baking soda or if it doesn’t remove, use a mixture of white vinegar and water.

Cleaning oil-based paints
-Use a detergent solution of vinegar and water solution to soak your sponge.
-Wring the sponge until slightly dry
-Then wipe the wall from top left-hand corner to bottom
-Repeat the process using a clean solution to cleanse the wall

It’s crucial to keep our office walls clean at all times as they are the most forgetting during cleaning and they are the most prone to dirt. As we have seen, we only need enough equipment to make our walls shiny and clean at all times.

Ways on how to clean office kitchen/ break room

Ways on how to clean office kitchen/ break room

Office break rooms are places where employees of a company take a break from work to sit and relax. It provides a comfortable seating area and view. This place is meant to be a place of relief and small gatherings. They are also designed to give a good mental break from work to encourage employees to come up with new ideas and creativity.

A clean office break room/kitchen contributes to some level of respect for the company.

Break rooms are designed to contain a kitchen area, a refrigerator, a coffee pot, tables, and chairs.

Advantages of having an office break room
-It encourages teamwork
It is during break times that people in an office get to sit and talk then come up with new ideas is this encourages creativity among workmates.
-Will increase the company’s productivity
Items like free coffee and drinks help employees in the office to relax and avoid stress. This encourages them to work towards their goals.
-It builds interpersonal relationships
This has helped employees to relate with one another, creating a conducive environment for work.

Ways of keeping an organize break room/office kitchen

-Always keep an organized refrigerator
Always store your lunch break food in an orderly way in the fridge to encourage orderliness. Use clear lunch boxes or store your food for easy identification. Avoid keeping food in the refrigerator for more than two days to keep it fresh and edible.

-Always use disposable towels
This will help avoid keeping damp clothes in the break room since they might encourage insects and germs into the room.

-Label containers and food to avoid confusion
This will also save on time as there will be easy access to food and drinks.

-Always have hand soap, dish soap, and disinfectant
This will help maintain good hygiene around the break room as all dishes will always be clean.

-Make sure to have an ice scoop
This will help avoid everyone’s hands touching the ice cubes.

-Always have an emergency kit
This will help in case of any cuts around the office. This will act as an emergency kit for keeping clean around the office.

-Always clean coffee pots, microwaves, and refrigerator to avoid bad odors from accumulating. This will also help have healthy workers around the office.

Steps for cleaning an office kitchen
Always clean, starting with dry to wet.
Dust the kitchen using a dry cloth or a vacuum cleaner by mopping the surfaces and floors. Then use a wet cloth and detergent to get rid of any stains on the sinks and floors.
Always start from the top of the kitchen shelves and kitchen walls, working your way down to the kitchen floor. This will help remove any debris left behind.
Clean the kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, and microwaves
Always make sure to clean their inside as instructed by the manufacturers following their cleaning tips.
Use drying appliances such as air mover
This will help quick drying of the floor as the break room area, and the kitchen is most frequently used around the office.

Daily cleaning of the break room/kitchen
-Wipe the kitchen countertops, cabinets, tables, and chairs using a clean cloth.
-Wipe the sinks and the kitchen appliances such as microwave
-Stock hand towels sanitizers and fill the water dispensers after wiping them
-Wipe and scrub off any spills and clean all coffee pots.

Weekly cleaning
-Open all break room windows to allow ventilation
-Dust all windows and doors from top to bottom
-Vacuum all the kitchen vents to get rid of trapped dirt and debris.
-Vacuum the kitchen floors and mop them using the instructed soap agent.
-Dispose of any spoilt kitchen food and replace it with fresh once.
-Label all kitchen containers for easy access

Cleaning and maintaining the kitchen and office break room is a big advantage to the employees, as it will motivate them to work and have positive morale towards their jobs and company.

How to clean office carpets

How to clean office carpets

Well cleaned and adequately maintained office carpets last longer than the carelessly handled.

To maintain and clean the office carpets, we need to follow some steps as follows:

Ways of maintaining office carpets
-Always clean the carpet often before it becomes filthy.

Always clean the office carpets immediately you its color has started becoming dull, this will prevent you from taking much time while cleaning, costing more, and being much more difficult to clean.

-Always vacuum thoroughly before and after cleaning to get rid of large soil particles than cannot easily be removed.

-Treat your office carpets stains and high traffic areas before cleaning

This will help loosen any dirt and make it easy to clean hence saving time and avoid wastage of detergent.

-Always elevate your office furniture

This will help prevent the carpet from stains and finishes of paint from touching the carpet or any rusts from being in contact with the carpet.

-Always use carpet shampooers or steam carpets cleaners as instructed to avoid damage or spread of stains.

How to get rid of carpet stains

Immediately there is a stain act quickly by removing it. If a stain stay longer it gets harder to get rid of it.

-Avoid rubbing or scrubbing stains
Scrubbing of stains damages carpet fibers. Always start your cleaning from the outside of the stain to the inside to avoid spreading.

-Use water to remove stain

85% of most stains can be removed by using clean water. To remove the stain, start by using a clean cloth pressed on the stain to absorb it. Then gently use water into the stain with a white damp cloth to absorb the stain.

Don’t scoop or dig any spills from the carpet. This may cause the spread of the stain. Always use a spoon t gently scrape the stain then treat the stain.

-Use vinegar to get rid of tough stains before using any other cleaning agents.

Materials and equipment required to clean an office carpet

Before cleaning your office carpets assemble or cleaning materials to avoid last-minute rush and save on time.

These materials include:
-Spot/stain cleaning materials
-Carpet cleaning soap
-White clean clothes for stain removal
-Vacuum filters
-A good vacuum cleaner/steam cleaning machine

Steps on cleaning carpets

Thorough cleaning of carpets in an office is vital as carpets provide a perfect breeding space for insects and infections.

Steps to follow while cleaning:

-Move the office furniture to remove the carpets then inspect the dirt on the carpet.
-Vacuum thoroughly to get rid of soils and dirt available.
-Identify the stains and treat them thoroughly as per the kind of stain, as explained above.
-Treat the office carpet using an emulsifier pretreatment according to the soiling level.
-Follow the machine instructions before starting the cleaning process. Start from the corner of the carpet across the whole carpet, repeating the cleaning thoroughly. Make sure to clean the entire carpet without leaving any stains before proceeding to dry
-Allow the carpets to dry where there is a lot of air available before putting it back to its place in the office.

Cleaning office carpets is important as it prevents the spread of germs and infections, so we are advised to regularly clean. Regular cleaning also enhances the appearance of your office.

Cleaning and Defrosting an Office Refrigerator

Cleaning and Defrosting an Office Refrigerator

Cleaning the office refrigerator once or twice, a week in the inside or outside is very important. This is because the food you will purchase or store in the fridge will stay fresh longer.

A clean refrigerator saves on cost and keeps food from spoiling.

Steps on keeping a clean refrigerator
-Empty the whole fridge by removing all the food inside it
-Empty the ice cube containers and trays and clean those using warm water. Fill them with water then arrange them back into the refrigerator.
-Use a clean cloth to wipe all cans, jars, and containers and arrange them back into the refrigerator.
-Put any other food back to the refrigerator after completing your cleaning. This prolongs the life of the food and prevents fast spoiling.

Cleaning the inside of a refrigerator

-Mix two tablespoons of baking soda with a quarter glass of water
-Wipe the top, bottom shelves, corners and wall using the mixer of baking soda to get rid of odours and dirt
-In case of any stains and spots, use dry baking soda to scrub off.
-After cleaning, wipe the inside with a clean, dry cloth for faster drying.
-Wash the inside door and rubber strips around the refrigerator using a cloth and warm water, then rinse using clean water and dry with a clean towel.

Defrosting a refrigerator

Defrosting a refrigerator helps to prolong the life of the food and helps a fridge work better for a more extended period.

Why a refrigerator becomes frosty
-When you have put hot food into the refrigerator
-When the door has been left open
-If the door has a bad seal

Steps for defrosting an office refrigerator
-Turn off the fridge or switch it to defrost
-Unplug your refrigerator then open all the doors
-Remove all your food from the refrigerator and place them on cardboard covering them with a magazine paper
-Remove the ice cube trays and empty them, clean the trays, and replace the ice cubes with cold water.
-Remove the drawers and shelves from your refrigerator. -Clean them all and keep them aside to dry.
-After emptying the refrigerator, leave the door open and unplugged to allow the melting of the ice for at least 6 hours.
-If in a hurry, you can use other methods to speed up the process such as ;
Place boiling or hot water in the refrigerator
Use a fan near the open fridge as it is easily available in an office to speed up the melting process
Use a hairdryer to melt the ice if it is available around the office

Do not bit or scrape off the ice; let it melt by itself.

-Discard the water collected from melting the ice then dry it using a clean cloth.
-Put back the refrigerator shelves and drawers.
-Then arrange back the food into the shelves.

Maintaining an office refrigerator is very important as it ensures that there will be no spoilt food lying around and prevents bad odour around the office.

In what ways do I clean an office terrazzo floor?

Terrazzo floors have always existed since the olden times. Terrazzo consists of ships such as glass, marble, granite, quartzite, and any other suitable material, which requires mixed for chemical binding. After its set as a floor, it is polished to smoothen it to give a shiny finish.

Terrazzo floors are popular in commercial buildings and office setups.

Materials and equipment required for cleaning office terrazzo floors
-Clean dust mop
-Mop bucket
-Floor buffer
-Auto Scrubber
-Neutral cleaner
-Water-based sealer
-Microfiber applicator
-Chemical stripper

Ways for maintaining a terrazzo office floor
-Keep mops, buckets, and water clean always.
-When applying materials to a terrazzo surface, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
-Select neutral cleaners as harsh cleaners damage the terrazzo floor.
-Always put caution sign when cleaning till they are completely dry
-To achieve a high gloss finish, ask for instructions from your nearest contractor, and avoid using wax products.

Daily cleaning of office terrazzo floor
-Open all the office window before cleaning to allow the flow of air in the office
-Collect any waste around the office and empty the office dustbin.
-Use a wet clean dust mop to the office, starting from the far end towards the door in circular motions.
-Clean any stains available using neutral cleaners diluted in warm water.
-Clean the mop, the bucket, and keep them dry.

Weekly cleaning
-Open all the office windows and vacuum clean to get rid of any available dust around the office materials
-Rearrange the office furniture to create room for easy cleaning
-Use a clean damp mop with a neutral cleaner to mop the floor
-In case of heavily soiled floors, use a buffing machine to scrub off the soil and a neutral cleaner.
-After cleaning the surface in small portions, ensure to rinse the floor and mop the residue with clean water.
-Allow the floor to dry then buff it with a dry brush. Polish the floor if need be.

How to polish terrazzo floors

-After cleaning the terrazzo floor, allow it to dry overnight completely.
-Pour a terrazzo or marble sealer in a bucket then apply it to the floor using a floor roller. Remove excess sealer -before leaving it to dry overnight
-Use a buffing machine with light-colored pads to buff the floor systematically
-Rub the buffer across the terrazzo covering the entire floor with sprinkled pH-neutral polishing powder.
-Mop the floor with a clean damp cloth to remove any leftover polishing powder. Buff the floor with a buffing machine until it has the required shine.

Reasons as to why we polish terrazzo floors

-To get rid of scratches
Without regular upkeep of the terrazzo floor, there will be wearing out of the floor due to traffic in and out of the office; therefore, it is essential to maintain the floor by polishing it regularly.

-To prevent the terrazzo floor from lifting
If the terrazzo floor in the office is not well maintained, it will start lifting; therefore, it is good to polish it regularly.

-Prevents staining and discoloration
Polishing the terrazzo floor will maintain the color of the floors and avoid staining and discoloration due to traffic in the office.

-Gives the floor a high shine
Regular polishing of the floor will provide an excellent appearance to the office as well as make it easier to mop the floor.

Terrazzo floor has been known to be very convenient and accommodating to our crowded offices as they don’t easily wear out.

Keeping Your Office Electronics Clean and Dust Free

Keeping Your Office Electronics Clean and Dust Free

Office electronics are essential valuables in the office. Most of the office electronics store information about your job and company as well, so it is good to maintain them.

Some electronics may require disassembling them before cleaning, so it’s good for you sometimes to call a cleaning expert to help you out.

Reasons why it is essential to keep office electronics free from any dirt;

-Saves on cost
Maintaining the office electronics saves on cost as it helps prolong their life span .keeping this electronics clean prevents them from external damages, which extends its life and saves on using more investments.

-It gives employees in the office more focused on their work
Keeping clean and maintaining the electronics aids in the smooth functioning of the equipment, and this will get more work done around the office.

Well-functioning equipment will also encourage the employees to have more work done, which equals more accomplishments and profits, which will promote the growth of the business.

-Increase of electronic lifespan
Dust and dirt build-up in your office equipment will most likely lead to an electronic malfunction, which will, at long last, cause damage to them. This will lessen the lifespan of the equipment.
Maintaining and keeping the equipment clean will increase their lifespan as you will be able to keep records and repair any faults available before the damage grows. Through this maintenance, there will be damage control, if any hence increased lifespan.

-Reduces the risk of spreading diseases and infections
Regular cleaning of the office equipment gets rid of any germs building up hence preventing the spread of diseases and infections.

It is always good to wipe and disinfect your electronics like office telephones to prevent infections and diseases from spreading.

-Safety control
For one to know whether there are any faulty cables or any damage is developing on computers, keyboards, and mouse, it is necessary to try maintaining and cleaning them. That is the only time you can come across any light damages. This helps you control any dangerous wires and cables being exposed.

Steps on keeping your electronics clean

Organize your working area, starting with loose papers. Paper work that is disorganised not only looks messy but also encourages dirt around the office.

Loose papers can be organised by different ways such as;
-Arranging the loose documents and files in the office cabinets.
-Using the office paper trays and wall mounted pockets for certain documents on hand
-You can also scan other documents and store them electronically to prevent the office from being a mess and saving on space
-Start by cleaning electronics such as vents and fans to get rid of their dust.
-Use a duster to wipe or blast dirt out of tight spaces of the vent and fun.
-Wipe electronics such as computer keyboard and telephones using a soft rug that has been moistened with a disinfectant to remove germs.

-Moreover, you can also use compressed air dusters to dust the keyboards and typewriter

-Lastly, vacuum clean around your office electronics to trap any hidden dirt.

To prevent your electronics from trapping dust, always use mouse pads or computer pads to trap any dirt. You can also use surge protectors to avoid any surge damage from affecting any electronics more so computers.

It’s always good to clean office electronics as cleanliness increases their lifespan and creates a conducive work environment.

Disinfecting and maintaining an office restroom

A clean office bathroom gives a clean conducive environment for working. A clean restroom prevents users from contaminating diseases and infections caused by dirty toilets. As they say, a clean environment gives a good working place; therefore, it is good to maintain our office bathroom.

For one to begin to clean your office bathroom, you must first gather all your cleaning equipment. Load them all in one place making sure that all rags, mops, and brooms are correctly marked to avoid being used in other places.

Make sure that your office bathroom is empty then place the caution sign by the door before beginning your cleaning. The caution sign will act as a sign to the other office members that cleaning is taking place.

An office bathroom should get care daily due to its regular use. To clean, you need to follow some steps.

Before beginning to clean, ensure to put on protective clothing avoid using bare hands and feet while cleaning.

How to disinfect office bathrooms

Office bathrooms accommodate many users; therefore, they get contaminated easily.

Step for disinfecting

Always protect yourself because disinfecting requires touching and exposure to chemicals.
Before using the disinfectants, read the labels and fully understand each of their uses such as:
-Limited disinfectants are useful for specific microorganisms
-General disinfectants are effective in general organisms
-Tuberculocidal disinfectant protects everything that a hospital disinfectant does with additional protection.

Ensure to apply the right amount of disinfectant as prescribed in the instruction manual.

Daily cleaning of the office bathroom steps

Make sure the bathroom is empty before beginning your cleaning.
Get rid of any ruins or debris sound the bathroom sink, floor, or toilet.
Empty the garbage bins and recycling bins by removing the trash can liner and replacing it with a new one.
Stock the toilet paper and paper towel dispensers if they are not adequately stocked.
Clean the surface of the toilet by scrubbing following the disinfecting toilet procedure.
Dry any water spills, if any, after cleaning the toilet.

Weekly cleaning of the office bathrooms

-Empty the bathroom before beginning your cleaning.
-Start by cleaning the toilet. Scrub all the surfaces of the toilet/urinal, beginning with the interior with a toilet bowl cleaner.
-Clean by wiping down the exterior parts of the toilet /urinal like the toilet seat using disinfectant. Follow the disinfecting procedures until you complete the cleaning.
-Wipe and disinfect other bathroom surfaces such as door handles, dispensers, counterparts, partitions, and light switches
-Remove bathroom mirror stains using a glass cleaner to remove any fingerprints and marks.
-Clean your bathroom surfaces using a surface cleaner to wipe the sinks and handles.
-Sweep the floor to get rid of any dust using a dust mop before using a wet mop to clean the floor.

After you are done, wash all bathroom clothes, mops, and brooms and dry them, avoiding their contact with other office cleaning materials.

Monthly cleaning of the office bathroom

-Start by emptying the bathroom
-Dust and vacuum all the areas around the bathroom, including the vents, shelves, and partitions.
-Shop for soap, toilet paper, paper towel dispensers, and air fresheners.
-Make sure all drains are working correctly if not unclog them using drain cleaners.
-Repeat the weekly procedure on how to clean the bathroom surfaces then leave it to dry.
-Clean and rinse the bathroom mops, mop buckets, rags, and clothes that you used.

Following the above instructions and steps, you will be able to maintain a clean environment, and you will be able to prevent the spread of any infections and diseases.