5 Gleem Office cleaning staff members standing with cleaning equipment.

Professional Cleaning Services in Bristol and the South West

What type of cleaning are you interested in?

Why Gleem?

At Gleem in everything we do, we believe in taking pride.

We believe that amazing things are achieved through reliability and consistency.

The way we make amazing things possible is by keeping things simple, encouraging transparency and by striving to be efficient.

We happen to be a cleaning company.

Joe Edwards : CEO & Founder of Gleem who is a white middle aged man.

Joseph Edwards

CEO & Founder

A Gleem staff member cleaning a mirror wall.2 Gleem Home / House Cleaning staff members standing at a house with cleaning equipments.
Two Gleem staff members cleaning a landing window.

Pride equals Profit

We work hard to do a great job for our customers.

Our staff make us who we are. We are a family.

Gleem are proud to have a profit share in place for all staff.

20% of all profits go to staff, every quarter, to share the rewards for hard work!

9 Gleem Office Cleaning staff members standing with cleaning equipment.
Gleem Home / House Cleaning staff member vacuums the floor carpet.

Domestic Cleaning

For busy people, keeping on top of things can be a challenge – finishing a busy commute back from work to a messy home and a pile of ironing isnt your idea of fun. Our lovely Gleemers can professionally clean your home as often as you need, using all your favourite products. At the end of a long day, you and your Gleemer will both be smiling.

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3 Gleem Office Cleaning staff members cleaning an office area.

Commercial Cleaning

Clear space, clear mind – Positive work environments mean happy and productive staff, but in business, cleaning is far from top priority.

Our Gleemers will keep your offices or premises spick and span, letting your staff focus on their work. Plus, by paying the Living Wage, your company will be doing its bit towards corporate social responsibility too.

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Gleem plus helper with two elderly persons.

Gleem Plus

Living the life that you want, doing the things you love and feeling as human as possible, this is what our Gleemers would love to help you achieve.

Our lovely Gleemers will take care of housekeeping, engaging you in activities and social events, and perform other tasks to help clients feel safe and supported.

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What can you expect from Gleem?


We will continually invest in the company, and ensure that we are always striving to deliver a high-quality, premium cleaning service. We will put procedures in place to ensure that our standards exceed the expectations of our customers.


We will treat our employees fairly. We will establish a culture that empowers our employees to lead a more fulfilled life by providing a fair wage, challengers and development opportunities.


Gleem is ambitious, and so if our workforce. We will continue to raise the bar, and continually strive to improve in every capacity that we can. We use this ethos to deliver the best Gleem experience for our customers that we can.


We will be upfront and open with customers at all times. We will provide easily accessible information on our policies and pricing structure to ensure the Gleem experience is honest and open.


We run Gleem together, as a team. Although we might not always been in the same room as each other we understand how our collective efforts combine to achieve great results.

3 Gleem Home / House cleaning staff members inside a  homeroom wearing  purple aprons, white t-shirts with white Gleem logo and yellow rubber gloves on hands holding a cleaning brush, vacuum cleaner and  a mop.