Professional Cleaners Bristol

Housekeeping: more than a cleaning service

Dedicated housekeeping and cleaning from a trusted helper
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Why Housekeeping?

Sometimes just cleaning isn't need someone multi-skilled who can help home life as simple and straight-forward as possible.
From doing your grocery shopping to gardening, Gleem offer a housekeeping service to suit your every need.

Sometimes having someone to support at your home isn’t about a complex medical need or essential personal care tasks. What is often more important are getting that long list of home admin tasks done each week, enabling you to unlock your free time to do the things you love.

We support with a highly skilled Gleem helper who does everything with a smile of their face, from running errands to helping to make lunch...obviously with some high quality cleaning included too!

Gleem Housekeepers can perform a huge list of fully-trained duties (minimum of 2 hour per visit).

Professional Cleaners Bristol Professional Cleaners Bristol
Professional Cleaners Bristol

Conveniently book and manage your Gleem Plus service using the Cleanetto App

Edit bookings
and dates

Find out when a supporter arrives, what they help with and when they leave

24 hours support

Keep in contact 24hrs with your support team through our messaging tool.

What can you expect from Gleem?


We will continually invest in the company, and ensure that we are always striving to deliver a high-quality, premium cleaning service. We will put procedures in place to ensure that our standards exceed the expectations of our customers.


We will treat our employees fairly. We will establish a culture that empowers our employees to lead a more fulfilled life by providing a fair wage, challenges and development opportunities.


Gleem is ambitious, and so if our workforce. We will continue to raise the bar, and continually strive to improve in every capacity that we can. We use this ethos to deliver the best Gleem experience for our customers that we can.


We will be upfront and open with customers at all times. We will provide easily accessible information on our policies and pricing structure to ensure the Gleem experience is honest and open.


We run Gleem together, as a team. Although we might not always been in the same room as each other we understand how our collective efforts combine to achieve great results.

We tailor our Housekeeping to your needs

Tidying and cleaning

Making beds

Washing and ironing


Cutting the grass

Clipping hedges

Cleaning windows low level

Changing light bulbs

Supporting with tradesman’s visits

Changing bed linen

Walking the dog

Cleaning out and feeding animals



Meal Preparation

Food Shopping

General help with the morning routine

And lots more!

3 Gleem Home / House cleaning staff members inside a  homeroom wearing  purple aprons, white t-shirts with white Gleem logo and yellow rubber gloves on hands holding a cleaning brush, vacuum cleaner and  a mop.