Privacy Policy & GDPR

With the new law coming into place on May 25th 2018, we have spent considerable time ensuring that everyone at Gleem is up to date on all of the information in regards to GDPR.

As soon as the new law was passed, the senior management at Gleem consulted with solicitors, advisors and even other businesses to create a plan of action to ensure that Gleem would be 100% GDPR compliant for May 25th 2018. A large part of this was the training of our staff and answering any questions that they may have in regards to GDPR and how it may impact their roles at Gleem.

At Gleem, we have a combination of office based employees and remote workers. For Gleem to be ready for May 25th analysing the impact of both roles was imperative.

As a small, local business, we also use lots of fantastic independent companies who provide software systems for our business to run on. Ensuring that Gleem was 100% GDPR compliant also meant corresponding with other companies that we work with in order to understand how using their systems may change from May 25th 2018. Once this information had been relayed, we were able to incorporate this into our overall GDPR training.

As with any change in law or legislation, at Gleem we recognize not only the importance of ensuring that we are compliant, but ensuring that we make the incorporate the core of this change into the heart of our business. In this instance, the GDPR changes are to allow you, our fantastic customers, rightful control over your data and the way that it is stored and for how long. As a company that is always striving to improve, this gives us an amazing opportunity to focus on the outcome and not only revise but to truly revisit the way that we compile, use and store personal data.

The outcome is a wiser, more mindful and more customer focused business.

GDPR Master Document For Customers
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