How House Cleaning Services Can Help You Avoid Cold and Flu At Home

How House Cleaning Services Can Help You Avoid Cold and Flu At Home

Everyone knows the basics of hygiene, like washing hands frequently, avoid touching faces, staying back at home when ill, and so on. The basic objective behind this is to prevent germs from spreading, which might lead to others falling sick. However, these precautions are often inadequate in preventing illnesses spreading from one person to another. That’s why you need to put special emphasis on house cleaning as you must keep your house clean if you are to keep illness and infections like cold and flu at bay. Let us discuss some common healthy practices that form the basics of house cleaning:

Leaving shoes at the door

This is the most important aspect of house cleaning. As you do not go outdoors or walk in to the public toilets barefoot, walking in your house with your shoes on will inadvertently bring in those germs indoor and that is obvious. Walking in with your shoes means inviting trouble. Leave this bad habit before you disinfect your house, as this is the first step of house cleaning.

Disinfect the light switches and doorknobs

It may sound a bit weird, but believe me, these are amongst those that accumulate the germs the most. Just think how many times we touch them right from the morning until we go to the bed. It’s quite obvious that they will accumulate germs the most. Hence, use quality disinfectants to wipe them regularly and this should include the exterior and interior doorknobs. This will drastically reduce the spread of ailments like cold and flu.

Do not forget the backpacks and handbags

This is particularly for women and more so for those who regularly go out. Whether you are at movies and theatres or out to any eatery or restaurant for a dinner or lunch, you have to get yourself to the toilet for obvious reasons. Be it to relieve yourself or change the sanitary napkin, you might well be left with no choice but to set your bag or purse on the floor in toilets with no suspension hooks. If so, then bringing them back and keeping them on your bed or table will make all the damage. So no matter whether you visit a public toilet or not, whenever you are back, disinfect your purse or bag thoroughly with the help a disinfectant as this is very much a part of house cleaning.

Be mindful of the electronic gadgets you use

What about the TV remote, mobiles, tablets and the laptops? Don’t you think they can be obvious sources of infection? Surely they are, for you keep on using them regularly and you are not the only user. So do not forget to disinfect them, though you need to be careful while using the agent so that you do not let some of the liquid into the circuitry. Rinse the piece of cloth after you drop the disinfecting agent on it, before rubbing the cloth on the surface.

There are other things to manage as well

Yes!! House cleaning indeed goes a long way. Just walk into the kitchen and you will find so many things to take care of. You need to take care of the sink and the cabinet where you stuff the jars and pots full of the ingredients that you use while cooking. Then you have the rack where you put the utensil and the crockery at rest. All these places are potential source of cold and flu, if not cleansed regularly. Remember, house cleaning is a thorough and a tedious process. Involve everyone of your family in the process and stay fit and healthy!

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