9 Gleem Office Cleaning staff members in a circle, looking down and smiling.

Gleem are searching for people who take pride in their work

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We believe in working together to achieve amazing results.
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The best cleaning job guaranteed

Gleem offers fair pay for the cleaners.

Fair pay

We love our cleaners, and we know that you make us who we are, so we pay our cleaners a fair wage.

Care progression

Career progression

Everyone starts at £8.91 plus holiday pay, and this grows after probation, and quickly too

Secure employment

All Gleem staff are PAYE employees, we won’t force you to be self-employed. More trust and security for you

Gleem: A company that cares

A company that cares

We are creating a company of people who enjoy their jobs.

We believe in keeping things simple. Our app will help:

Track your own hours with Gleem.

Track your own
hours and
know what you
are earning

Gleem is providing all the info you need.

Give you all the
information you need
about your work

Connect with Gleem

Connect you with
the Gleem staff

Gleem gives you confidence!

Give you confidence
that you’ve done a
great job

Pride equals Profit

We work hard to do a great job for our customers.

Our staff make us who we are. We are a family.

Gleem are proud to have a profit share in place for all staff.

20% of all profits go to staff, every quarter, to share the rewards for hard work!

9 Gleem Office Cleaning staff members standing with cleaning equipment.

Why work with us?

We care about everything we do, we believe in takingpride.We believe that amazing things are achieved throughreliability and consistency

The way we make amazing things possible is by keeping things simple, (ensuring) transparency(interaction) and by striving to be efficient. We happen to be a cleaning company

We look after each other and look out for each other

We love to reward people for their hard work.

Some of the ways we celebrate our cleaners’ successes include:

A Gleem staff member cleaning a mirror wall.2 Gleem Home / House Cleaning staff members standing at a house with cleaning equipments.
Two Gleem staff members cleaning a landing window.
Cleaner of the month award
Supportive head office with green credentials
Awards for Exceeding expectations
A long-term aim to champion people
9 Gleem Office Cleaning staff members standing with cleaning equipment.

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