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About Gleem Cleaning

Gleem Cleaning makes life easier

We approached lots of homes and businesses and found the main problems people experienced with cleaning companies were Reliability and the Consistent Quality of cleaning.

Some had more problems, but the majority told us these 2 basic requirements were frequently neglected.

Gleem tackles these issues head on, and we do it whilst empowering our cleaners to enjoy their jobs when previously they’ve worked long, hard hours in jobs they don’t enjoy, for companies that don’t care about them.

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Gleem Cleaning cares for cleaners

Gleem is proud to pay our cleaners above the Living Wage: Paying our cleaners more than the industry average is an ethos that’s existed since the day Gleem was created. This alongside our rigorous vetting process enables us to find the best cleaners and reward them appropriately.

Because our cleaners buy into the reason Gleem exists: to empower people, they refuse to let us down. We take this loyalty, and report it back to you in the form of GPS check-ins and check-outs from your premises: giving Gleem accountability for the cleaning we’ve said we’ll perform.

We won’t give an ambiguous annual or monthly charge either: these almost always lead to skimming time off the length of the clean, limiting the cleaners’ opportunity to do a good job.

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Gleem Cleaning loves accountability

Where other companies may avoid it, we know it lets us prove ourselves, and we want to seize that opportunity. When you decide you want to work with Gleem we’ll work closely alongside you to build the most comprehensive checklist you can imagine.

We’ll use this as a bespoke training opportunity for your Gleem cleaners. This checklist forms what we promise to perform when we’re cleaning for you, and the regular audits that our supervisors will perform to ensure the standard is kept up to Gleem’s own cleaning standards.

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Gleem’s WHY and our VISION for the future have enabled us to clearly visualise how we want to present ourselves.
We have chosen 5 words that represent our business:


We will treat our employees fairly. We will establish a culture that empowers our employees to lead a more fulfilled life by providing a fair wage, challengers and development opportunities. We will be a company that employees enjoy working for.


Gleem is ambitious, and so if our workforce. We will continue to raise the bar, and continually strive to improve in every capacity that we can. We use this ethos to deliver the best Gleem experience for our customers that we can.


We will be upfront and open with customers at all times. We will provide easily accessible information on our policies and pricing structure to ensure the Gleem experience is honest and open. We take the stress of cleaning away: from navigating our website, contacting our helpful staff to booking the cleaning service. Everything is seamless and easy to do.


We run Gleem together, as a team. Although we might not always been in the same room as each other we understand how our collective efforts combine to achieve great results. We are committed to each other and take pride in being a part of the Gleem community.


We will continually invest in the company, and ensure that we are always striving to deliver a high-quality, premium cleaning service. We will put procedures in place to ensure that our standards exceed the expectations of our customers.

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