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About Gleem

Why do we do what we do?

At Gleem:
In everything we do, we believe in taking pride.
We believe that amazing things are achieved through reliability and consistency.
The way we make amazing things possible is by keeping things simple, encouraging
transparency and by striving to be efficient. We happen to be a cleaning company.

Gleem are ambitious and motivated. A part of this is knowing what our future looks like. It’s what we talk to our staff about, and it’s what drives us forwards, our future:

Gleem add sparkle to people's lives by treating them well. Our caring community makes people feel valued. We maintain the upmost respect for all of our staff for the important role they play in the lives of others and provide them with the opportunity to develop themselves to the level they aspire to reach.This environment empowers over 100,000 staff who deliver an unrivalled quality of service and creates a reputation synonymous with the standard of service we provide and the enjoyment our staff get from doing their best.

Gleem’s ‘why’ and our vision for the future have enabled us to clearly visualise how we want to present ourselves. We have chose 5 words that represent our business:

We will treat our employees fairly. We will establish a culture that empowers our employees to lead a more fulfilled life by providing a fair wage, challengers and development opportunities. We will be a company that employees enjoy working for.

Gleem is ambitious, and so if our workforce. We will continue to raise the bar, and continually strive to improve in every capacity that we can. We use this ethos to deliver the best Gleem experience for our customers that we can.

We will continually invest in the company, and ensure that we are always striving to deliver a high-quality, premium cleaning service. We will put procedures in place to ensure that our standards exceed the expectations of our customers.

We run Gleem together, as a team. Although we might not always been in the same room as each other we understand how our collective efforts combine to achieve great results. We are committed to each other and take pride in being a part of the Gleem community.

No hidden agendas ever. We will be upfront and open with customers at all times. We will provide easily accessible information on everything from our policies through to our pricing structure to help make the Gleem experience and honest and open one. We take the stress of cleaning away from our customers and make the process as simple as possible (without compromising ownership). Everything from navigating our website, to contacting our staff to booking the cleaning service is seamless and easy to do.

Experience high quality cleaning.

Gleem was born because we wanted to enjoy our work and this has been the foundation behind why Gleem exists. We are passionate about building a business that empowers people, that’s why we take hiring our cleaners so seriously: because it lets us find people who believe in our ethos, and this enables us to provide such a high quality service.

We want to help give your home some love and tick off that chore, because there is more to life than cleaning. We don't think you should spend your precious time searching for a trusted cleaner. So let us do the hard work and provide a quality, reliable cleaner who fits in around your work and your life.

Our promise:

We guarantee that you will be delighted by the results of your clean. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied just let us know and we promise to send a cleaner back to put it right for free. It’s as simple as that.

Our cleaners are just as lovely and so we do all that we can to keep them happy and motivated to clean your home to the highest quality, whether that’s giving them shiny uniforms, working around their commitments or just calling them up for a chat.

So if you want to show your home some love: book a Gleem clean, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

How it all started:

Gleem was started by Joe Edwards in Bristol in January 2014. After booking a clean for his family home, and being let down multiple times Joe discovered how difficult it was to book a reliable cleaner. When he finally found a cleaner there was no structure in place for the cleaning: he found that they stayed at his home for the number of hours he had paid for, but the work performed had no structure, and more often than not the cleaner had opted to do all of the ‘easy jobs’, leaving the real cleaning unaddressed...so Joe built a service based around training cleaners to do a great job and a guarantee that we’ll do a great job: perfect!

Ready for an amazing clean?