Ways on How to Clean and Care for Our Doors and Doorknobs

Ways on How to Clean and Care for Our Doors and Doorknobs

During our day to day activities, we forget that we handle our doors and doorknobs more than we even get to remember. We also forget that our doors also need our care and maintenance, just like any part of our homes do. Over the years, we have given less and lesser attention to our doors, including cleaning. What we don⫪t know is that our doors harbour a lot of dirt more than we can even imagine. Our sweaty hands and dust settle themselves on our doors and doorknobs. Due to our ignorance, we have forgotten that the moment we handle these doors, we also transfer the harboured dirt to other home surfaces without our knowledge.

We also sometimes forget to clean our interior doors while cleaning our exterior home doors due to this abandonment of the doors, grime and dirt build-up over time.

How to care for and clean your doorknobs

We come to contact with our doorknobs more than we even begin to contact with other home surfaces. Therefore. We should give more attention to cleaning. We should at least set aside a specific day to take care of the doorknobs with much attention.

During the cleaning of your doorknobs make sure to pay attention to the material of the doorknob this will help you know what type of detergents and materials to use while cleaning. Below are some of the kinds of doorknobs and how to care for them:

How to clean pewter door knobs

To clean pewter doorknobs, you require fresh cabbage leaves. Using the cabbage leaves rub those around the knob this will help get rid of any stubborn dirt.

After that, use a clean and soft cloth to wipe the knob to shine.

Cleaning glass or crystal door knobs

Use normal detergents to clean your knob. Spray the solution of detergent on the knob and then rub it with a clean cloth to clean. Polish the surface with a clean cloth for some time to ensure that the doorknob is clean.

How to clean stainless steel door knobs

Stainless steel doorknobs are crucial and should be taken care of in a particular way. Before you start your cleaning, know the DON'TS on what not to use or do while cleaning.

  • Stainless still don⫪ts during cleaning
  • Don does not use abrasives or steel wool
  • Avoid the use of warm or hard water while cleaning
  • Never use oven cleaners to clean
  • Avoid using chlorine products and bleaches

How to clean:

Use a soft cloth and soap to clean. Then use clean cold water to rinse the knob. In case of stubborn stains use club soda, lemon oil furniture polish to rub on the surface till it is spotless.

You can also make a mixture of vinegar and olive oil then use it with a soft cloth to get rid of the stubborn stains.

How to take care of silver courted knobs

Silver can be cleaned using any kind of cleaning detergent and still maintain its shine. Silver is easy to clean; therefore your require cleaning detergent, a soft damp cloth, and clean water to rinse.

Baking soda and warm water are used during the removal of stubborn stains on the knob.

How to clean and care for your doors

To clean your doors start from the top surface, make sure to dust all the dirt with a clean cloth. Also, use a cobweb remover to remove cobwebs in case of any.

Start with cleaning the door frame using warm water and a sponge to get rid of smudges and fingerprints.

For your painted doors use any kind of sprays and detergents to clean but pay attention to any kind of stains.

If your doors are wax sealed wood doors use an oil soap to clean this will ensure at the end of cleaning the door maintains its shine.

Pay attention to the edges of the door and strips to ensure to get rid of any hidden dirt around the door.

Once done with the cleaning, use a clean towel to dry the door from top to bottom and buff the surfaces to polish.

When you are done with cleaning the doors and doorknobs, you can consider spraying the door with antibacterial coating spray and oiling the hinges. This will take carer of the door and avoid any damages. Always remember to give extra care to the doors and doorknobs as we come in contact with them more than we can think of.

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