Residential and Office Cleaning

Residential and Office Cleaning

What is the difference between residential and office cleaning? As a matter of fact, both job involves cleaning and hence there is no difference between the nature of job involved in office and residential cleaning.  Albeit both are the same, there are some fundamental difference in between the two. Office cleaning generally carried during off time, evening or early morning but residential cleaning carried out during the day time.

Office cleaning or residential cleaning to generate more income?

Obviously, office cleaning brings more revenue to a janitorial company comparing to residential cleaning. From a business point of view, a cleaning company focus on office cleaning can generate more revenue than that of the residential cleaning peer. The reason for making more profit from commercial premises are due to its large area of service. Because of this, servicing commercial premises can bring more revenue.

Residential cleaning required more efforts

Comparing residential cleaning with office cleaning, the former required more efforts. In the residential unit, there are showers, bathtubs, ovens, chimney, etc., required frequent or regular cleaning but in the case of office, there are no such things to clean. However, there is an advantage in taking residential cleaning contract as there is no need for a daily cleaning. In the case of an office cleaning, it required daily cleaning.  Which means, a janitorial company need to keep more work force to do commercial premises cleaning than residential cleaning service.

Establishing a cleaning company

Since most of the commercial companies may have long term cleaning contract with janitorial companies, you may find difficult to get an entry to the business. But you may find it is easy to get an entry to residential cleaning business. As a beginner, to establish in the cleaning field, it would be prudent to target residential customers than targeting commercial establishments. Once you become a prominent figure in the field, it will be easy for you to get the access into the commercial cleaning segment.

Possibility of growth

Your residential clients will be your ambassadors for promoting the business, as there are chances to get business enquires from their known circle. It works like a personal recommendation, considering the good services and the goodwill start taking its turn. You cannot transplant the same scenario with a commercial establishment. In a commercial establishment the administration department need to follow certain laid down norms and practices. So, you can not expect a personal consideration.

No much initial investment

Starting a janitorial company does not require too much investment.  With a minimum cleaning tools and transportation service, you can start the business. You can even start the company with a minimum cleaning staff.  When you focus on residential cleaning, that can bring regular business to you and gradually you can move to office cleaning, which can bring more revenue for the company.


Residential cleaning is a good option for people, who want to enter into janitorial service. However, focussing on both residential and office cleaning is also a good option to establish in the field quickly. There are always good possibilities to get references from the existing customers for finding new clients. When it matters to business, you can put your best effort to reap success by targeting all types of customers.

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