Clubs in Bristol

Clubs in Bristol

Clubbing at Bristol stays unmatched when compared to clubbing in other parts of the world. Bristol has everything well covered from quality bars to cool and credible comedy clubs. Here is a list of best places for you to rave away your troubles. You can take a plunge in these clubs and enjoy.


This giant multi roomed venue from being Bristol’s biggest night club is regularly voted as one of the best clubs in the world. It boasts of a cavernous main room at the heart of an expansive complex of small spaces. Motion is a regular home for global mega brands like Cocoon and Defected, apart from nightlife institutions like Future Boogie.

The Black Swan

If you enjoy being surrounded by beautiful people then ‘The Black Swan’ is the right club for you. It is lovingly called ‘The Dirty Duck’ by the raving fraternity of Bristol. You lose yourself to the monstrous sound system and huge back garden.


Not in all cities you find a nightclub on a boat, well that’s what distinguishes Bristol from other cities. With a floating theatre and an art gallery, Thekla became a nightclub in the early 90s providing a perfect platform to performances from Massive Attack and D&B scene. In 2006 Thekla repositioned itself as a nightclub and a venue for live gigs and shows from famous bands like Santigold.


Cosies has earned a reputation as the most legendary party spot. It houses a wine bar during the day and transforms into one of the best night clubs of Bristol in the night.


If you enjoy a few drinks with mates in an intimate venue, then Lokota is probably the place for you. It has a three room mega race and a good old skank. In the 1990s Lakota was one of the famous clubs in the UK, which regularly invited superstars. The vast space has played host to many of the city’s drum, bass and trance parties.


Dojo Lounge has been open for 13 years now and secretively located between hair dressers and shops on the trendy Park Row of Bristol. Dojo manages to stay true to its roots as one of Bristol’s primary proponents of underground music.

Attic Bar

This bar shares a full moon pub and backpackers hostel. It wears a festive look every day and is complete with outside bars, sheesha area and picnic tables. You can actually hang around smoking and talking about politics all night without anyone noticing you.

Timbuk 2

Timbuk2 is managed by techno producer DJ Marco Bernardi and one can regularly find dome of techno’s biggest names playing finest music in the small street venue and plenty of bass heavy sounds that never tire of.

Blue Mountain

Two rooms and a large covered outdoor terrace connected by a winding narrow stair case is how you can define Blue Mountain. You can always get here for rave.


Bristol houses some of the finest clubs in the world which provide excellent musical treat along with drinks. For the younger generation who believe in enjoying night life, Bristol is the best place to be and its clubs are a must go venue for them.

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