Interesting facts about Bristol

Interesting facts about Bristol

If you thought you knew everything about Bristol, then here is a list of interesting facts about the city which will help you determine how much you really know the magnificent city.

  • Bristol is a vivaciously growing cosmopolitan city, the largest in the south west of England with an estimated population of 433,100 which is expected to reach 585800 by 2033.
  • Bristol is the home of Harvey’s Cream Sherry and the first bar of chocolate produced by J.S. Fry. The place has been voted as one of the most popular places to live in Britain and one among the top three popular cities.

  • Bristol is a multi-ethnic city represented by Blacks and ethnic communities are a minority.

  • Statistics indicate that people living in the south west of the city are likely to live up to the age of 75 compared to people living in parts of Wales and England.

  • Bristol grew in the Saxon times where the rivers Froma and Avon meet. A bridge was constructed and the settlement was known as Brigstow. Due to the local dialect and accent an extra ‘L’ was added to the end and thus Bristol was born.

  • The HMV logo that is famous and recognised all over the globe was created, employed to address the talent of a young dog called Nipper that was born and bred in Bristol. Over a hundred years later the cloak is passed to the discerning of other Bristol local lad canines, Grommit.

  • The Ribena, Tarmac and Plimsoll line were invented in Bristol.

  • Bristol is the largest centre of employment, education and culture in the region. The prosperity of the city is associated with the sea during its early days. However, today the economy of Bristol depends on creative media, aerospace and tourism.

  • K.s most popular destination for tourists is Bristol that receives more than nine million visitors every year. It excels in its world class reputation of being a cultural leader.

  • The city of Bristol has two famous football clubs. Bristol Rovers and Bristol City,besides a number of non-league clubs. The city is also a home to Bristol Rugby Union club and County Cricket Club.

  • Bristol hosts the major festivals of the year, International kite festival and the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, a major event for hot air ballooning held in the Ashton Court grounds during August. Both the festivals draw substantial crowds from all over the world.

  • The University of the West of England and University of Bristol are the two major institutions of higher education. It has the second highest concentration of independent school places after London.

  • The place is well connected with local transport options that include two principle train stations at Temple Meads and Parkway. A first class airport at nearby Lulsgate is another significant investment that the city boasts of.

  • Being named ‘England’s first cycling city’, Bristol is the home to sustainable charity sustrans. It has several urban cycle routes and links to the national cycle network. There has been a noteworthy increase in cycling by about 21% in the past two years.


Bristol is widely acknowledged as one of the few nicest places to visit as well as live. Bristolians are the happiest people in the country according to reports. With so much to recommend for itself Bristol is no doubt a place to be considered visiting in case you are planning a holiday.

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