How to clean your kitchen like a pro

How to clean your kitchen like a pro


You just need to take your free time for the kitchen cleaning and clearance, because the kitchen is the place that sees the heaviest dirt from kitchen grease, vapors, and other kind of dirt. Not to mention that if the dining rooms is a part of the kitchen or vice-versa, then the kitchen is definitely the place that sees the heaviest foot traffic and you will need to spend more time for deep cleaning the floor coverings. There are two main approaches for getting started – one by using homemade detergents, tools and solutions, and two by using professional ones.

There are plenty of easy homemade detergents that can help get rid of almost every type of dirt in the kitchen. Check out the following detergents and for which types of surfaces/objects they’re recommended.

– Hot water with baking soda, dish detergent and powder laundry detergent. According to how much of the ingredients you’re mixing with the water, as well as the temperature of the water – you can get a truly strong detergent for dealing with the heaviest dirt and blemishes onto textile floor coverings and upholstered furnishings. From dry greasy spots, to coffee spills or wine traces – this detergent is suitable for all the types of coverings, because it contains no harmful or strong chemical compounds. It leaves no bad chemical odors even if you have to soak up the spots for quite some time.

– Hot water, baking soda, white vinegar and rubbing alcohol. This detergent is perfect for all the kitchen appliances with non-metal surfaces, just make sure to stir well the solution until the baking soda completely dissolves. The kitchen counter top, the dining table and the chairs, the cupboards, … – they all can be deep cleaned and polished with this solution.

– Just baking soda with white vinegar. Make a thick paste in a small bowl, then, apply the mixture directly onto the dirtiest areas of the kitchen sink and/or the sink disposal. Let the solution to dissolve the stains for a couple of minutes, rub with the sponge if required, and rinse thoroughly with hot water.

– A detergent of cool water, rubbing alcohol and lemon juice. It is perfect for the kitchen appliances with metal or plastic surfaces. A light solution can do miracles with the light stains when oven cleaning, while the most persistent stains such as the dried dark greasy stains onto the burner grits of the gas stove may require soaking in that solution for a dozen minutes.

The professional clearance tools and detergents are very useful too, yet they provide the real professional finish of the treated objects. Hire a reputable domestic clearance company with a hot-water cleaning machine to make the carpets in the kitchen like new. The experienced crew also uses professional detergents that can sanitize and deodorize the entire kitchen. This is the best method to ensure a longer lasting clean effect and a healthier kitchen atmosphere.

Make yourself a schedule for the kitchen clearance. Highlight all the activities that should take place on different time basis or frequency. This is the easiest way to keep your kitchen well maintained throughout the year, because some activities can take place with a different frequency during every season. Include the most important tools that you will need, as well as highlight from where to begin, which objects to clean first, second, etc. The perfect schedule should include some of the most overwhelming tasks too, for instance – defrosting the fridge and the freezer, rearrangement of the cupboards, cleaning the windows, the vents and the appliances.


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