How to Spring Clean Your Home In One Day

How to Spring Clean Your Home In One Day


How to Spring Clean Your Home In One Day

The weather is starting to get warmer and that typically means many homeowners will start cleaning house. It is common practice for many individuals to start clearing away the clutter they noticed during the colder months and start fresh for the new warmer season. Typically though, the enthusiasm for cleaning out your entire house is usually lost after the first day. Here are some helpful tips on how you can quickly get your bedroom, living room and kitchen cleaned up and ready for spring.

Spring Cleaning Room By Room


The most important areas you want to focus on are the closest and dressers. You want to clear away some of the clutter you may have noticed over the past few months so go in and sort your clothing and other items into a keep pile and a donation pile. Try not to get too sentimental with the items, if you have not worn something in years, let it go. Unless it is a truly significant item of clothing like your wedding dress, you will want to just part ways with the items you do not wear.

Also have your mattress put through a deep cleaning. You should have your mattresses deep cleaned every 6 months so after the winter break it is the perfect time to give it a good cleaning.

To finish off the bedroom dust the furniture, change the sheets, if you have a ceiling fan you will want to give that a good cleaning as well and vacuum the floors.

Living Room/ Family Room

The living room will require a thorough wipe down including the baseboards and molding. Make sure you dust all the furniture and straighten up bookshelves, mantels, end tables or coffee tables. This is the perfect time to go through some of those old magazine and replace them or recycle them.

If you have carpeting in the living room you will want to hire a carpet cleaner to come in and give them a good deep cleaning. They may also be able to do your upholstery furniture as well.

Make sure you get all items that do not belong in the living room out and in their proper place or in a pile to get rid of.


The kitchen can be an easily neglected room simple because it can take some extra effort to get all the surfaces and countertops cleaned. For the kitchen you will want to go through and clean all the appliances, which can be a number of items.

Give your oven a deep cleaning with a non toxic cleaner.

Take everything out of the refrigerator and clean all the shelves and drawers. Make sure to throw out anything you are not going to eat. If you have a stainless steel fridge give the outside a good polish and make sure you dust off the cords and coils that connect up to the fridge.

Sanitize your cutting boards.

Go through the drawers and make sure there are only kitchen items in them and make it you have excess items than set them aside to be donated.

Give your microwave a scrub as well and do not forget the stove.

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