How to do end of tenancy cleaning yourself

How to do end of tenancy cleaning yourself

Has a property owner ever denied you deposit refund? Did the landlord slash deposit refund to restore space? If so, how did you feel? One of the main reasons is that you might have left the space worse than it was. I can offer one solution for such so that you avoid future disputes with property owners. I would prescribe an end of tenancy cleaning, this job can be quite taxing but you can actually it yourself and save some bucks to facilitate a move-out.

You must be thinking this is a quite heavy duty and you are right, the tips below will facilitate your end of tenancy cleaning process, you will be surprised you did it; the result is a restored space and the reward an undisputed full deposit refund by the landlord.

Always start the cleaning early
I would advise the cleaning starts a week to end of a lease contract. End of tenancy cleaning can actually mean you spend most part of the days of the week cleaning. If you are a busy person, more than a week’s allowance is advisable. This will ensure you actually restore the place to its initial state without having to wear yourself out in the cleaning process.

Use a move in report
Some property owners might hand you a not so perfect place and expect to leave it perfect. A move-in report shared between you and property should come in handy. In the case of a dispute, a copy of the move in inventory report will alleviate dispute. Always ask for one before paying for anything. Have yourself and landlord agreeing on the state of the space so that you have no problems after an end of tenancy cleaning inspection about the state of the house. If it does not hurt you, take a clip of the place when moving in to highlight the state of areas of the property as proof during a dispute.

Use a checklist to support your cleaning process
Before you start the end of tenancy cleaning, prepare a checklist of how to go about your cleaning, where to start, where to focus, what to fix, what you require in restoring the place. Use the checklist as a focus tool and stick to the plan until the end. You can self-inspect the place using the same device after cleaning before allowing the property owner to do an inspection.

Use the right equipment
Equipment is important in the cleaning process. Some equipment can only make the space worse than it was. Take your time and use the right equipment and technique for the right place. The right equipment also means you get the work quickly done. You can actually use what professionals use for example hire a vacuum cleaner for the floor and the carpet.

You can also hire an end of tenancy cleaning company
Research, ask around, walk into their offices and learn about what they do. You can take part in the cleaning process, no one can prevent you. Besides, you will be able to compare plans and checklists and learn new tricks. At the end of it, you will take the credit, take your money and walk.

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