How to go green with your house cleaning

How to go green with your house cleaning

We always want to do things and feel safer doing them. Today, there are what we call eco-cleaning methods. Foremost, they are not just important to you but also to those who visit you and the surrounding. You can miss most of these skills by research and the tools by simply shopping but having a clue of what green house cleaning looks like makes all the perfect sense.

Are you the ammonia person?
The name itself shocks me. Ammonia-based window cleaners could be doing a great job, but we fear they are not healthy cleaning options. With half a gallon of water and a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice (4 tablespoons), your windows, glass, and mirrors are as good as clean.

The old school use of newspapers has also always worked. The many newspapers you have read and kept around could be a healthy way to tidy your windows.

Having problems with Vinyl surfaces?
Stains can be troublesome, and Vinyl surfaces can look disgusting. Simply dip microfiber cloth in plain lemon juice and wipe out stains on lemon on vinyl made surfaces.

Furniture polishing always a bad idea
Are you the person that paints things? Do you paint furniture? How is that practice going? Multiple polishes are petroleum solvents and distillates. They are full-time dangerous to use and have a terrible smell. There are, however, eco-friendly ways you can deal with such. With a combination of 2 parts olive oil and 1 part lemon, you have yourself an agent which with soft cloth gives your furniture a pleasant scent and sparkling appearance.

Are you having a problem dealing with paint odors after painting?

This just got easy. As you do your painting there having vinegar dishes scatter around the painted room can help with the scent. Do this for some days, changing the vinegar dishes each day until the house dries up and the smell subsides.

The always-disappointing metal
Most polishes used today are the worst and done in the unhealthiest forms. You do not have to do a metal polish when cleaning and be afraid of the skin and hand damages it could cause. Most metal polishes use ammonia and acidic agents. Using greener methods could still so the job and keep you and the environment safe.

How bad and sooty do you want your fireplace to appear?
The answer is you do not love seeing that sooth, you the impending damage it could be exposing the areas to as it stays there for long. For this reason, using a creamy paste made of tartar and smudge on those exteriors and scrubbing it off later could leave the surfaces clean and new again.

Laying off clutter in a meaningful way
By cleaning, you could end up with a heap of items that have lied around for a long time without use. Some forums engage in taking such items, these are green initiative platforms and they put the reusable into use, being a part of this nation can be helpful, convenient and cheap way of laying off reusable items unwanted by you.

The above mentions some eco-friendly methods and equipment that guarantee you a clean house. These methods keep you healthy and save the environment of pollution.

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