How to do a faster deep clean

How to do a faster deep clean

As discussed in the article easy deep cleaning hacks. These simple hacks will help you do your deep cleaning faster. The point is not to do the cleaning faster but to do it efficiently and effectively. You will not have the excuse that the cleaning will take longer if you actually apply most of them.

All cleaning tools need to be in one place.
I would advise that you have all the tools in a cleaning caddy or a bucket. Having everything required for cleaning in one place means, you save on time spent looking for them. The focus remains on doing your cleaning within the time you are set to do the cleaning and finish.

Clear clutter before any deep cleaning starts
Cleaning takes a lot of time because the place could be worse. I advise that you start by moving to every room of the house and picking up the clutter. Picking up the clutter means in the middle of the cleaning you do not have to go for the dustbin or have to change the water because it cluttered so fast.

Deep clean the house as a whole
You decide to dust, vacuum or mop. Do not do all this for each room; pick a task and apply it across the house. You will be able to do it perfectly, easily and faster than you would have expected. Deep cleaning is about specifics and all you need to do is specialize and handle the cleaning in a general manner to be able to get the end without breaking your back.

Sweep before you mop
We used to do this in school. It worked, we could do the cleaning at games time and actually get back to the games before anyone knows it. The trick is to get the dirt out first by quickly sweeping and trashing it in the bins. A simple wet mop and finally a dry mop follows.

Disinfect countertop and surface area
Surface areas can be easy or hard. This depends on how frequently you do it. However, the easiest and most efficient way of doing them is by disinfecting the surfaces as you wipe with a relatively dry cloth. This could be faster than you expected, just focus on surface and avoid distractions.

Keep your cleaning equipment clean always
When cleaning equipment is clean, they do a good job. In the case you are doing deep cleaning, keeping the cleaning equipment clean can save time because the tools are fully efficient than they could be when dirty.
Move as you deep clean
Cleaning is an activity. All that is required is movement across the areas that need your attention. I would advise that you are actively moving as you clean. Movement as you clean means progress. You being able to progress allows you to spot an imperfectly or shallowly done place and fix the place.

Clean as a group
Deep cleaning when done by more than one person. The two or three of you can decide to divide tasks amongst yourselves and at the end of it all; it will be faster, easier and more collaborative.

All of these tips should help you perform a house deep clean quicker

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