Simple Practices for Office Cleaning

Simple Practices for Office Cleaning

The importance of office cleaning cannot be undermined by any organization, especially when the presentation is the key to generating business. An orderly and spotless office is not only a welcome sight when the employees enter the office in the morning, but it also provides a healthy environment free from germs that prevent diseases and the people working in the office from falling sick.

Countless germs circulate in the offices due to the use of the same premises by so many people. The washrooms, the pantry or the cafeteria, the smoking zones are the other vital areas associated with the offices that require proper cleaning and maintenance. Office cleaning is not so difficult or tedious if it is nurtured like a habit by both the employer and the employees.

A neatly organized office area promotes a better work environment and is all the more necessary because we spend a significant part of our day in the office. So here are some tips that can come in handy to maintain a clean and comfortable office:

Office cleaning a practice uncompromisable

Both the employees and cleaning staff should pay proper attention to keep the office clean. Do not put the cleaning responsibility entirely on the janitorial staff.  As part of maintaining the officer clean, do not litter the office. Sanitizing hands on entering the office, properly disposing of paper cups are some of the habits that every employee needs to instill as a habit. It makes the cleaning staff's task easier but inculcates healthy practice in the employees.

Organized space for cleaning items

Every office must have a specific space designated to store sanitizers, hand wash, moppers, paper napkins, disinfectants, and other cleaning items, which must be easily accessible to everyone if the need arises. If the office is a small one, then there should be some particular drawers to store the items mentioned above.

Sorting dangling wires and cables

Hanging wires and cables are very unpleasant, especially when some crucial meeting occurs in the office. They mess up the entire look; hence, pay attention to these issues by consulting the experts, who help solve the problem within hours.

Targeting specific areas

Apart from the general office cleaning, particular areas like the toilets and pantry require maximum tidying up. Tea and coffee spillage, broken food particles lying on the pantry countertops attract flies and cockroaches. So, make sure to mop the pantry floor twice a day.

The toilets need to clean every day and spray disinfectants after that. All the employees must wash their hands after using the toilets. A simple doormat outside the bathroom goes a long way in keeping the other parts of the office dry and clean.

Do not leave in a hurry

Of course, we all want to rush back home after a hectic day schedule, but it does not take much time and effort to clean our desks before we leave. Keeping back pens in holders, papers in files, and just wiping the table with a tissue is a practice that leaves the desk presentable when we return to work the next day.


A professional office cleaning service is a must for every office as it makes cleaning easier and provides better results. So, hiring professional help for cleaning the office once a month will ensure a spotlessly clean environment and impress the clients when they visit the office.

Apart from the practices mentioned above, other simple policies like 'no food on desks,' vacuum cleaning the carpets every alternate day are acceptable practices to keep the office clean. Hiring professionals to clean the window panes from outside are some other significant aspects of office cleaning that will make both the employer and the employees proud of their office.

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