Home Spring Cleaning Tips by Room

Home Spring Cleaning Tips by Room

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Home Spring Cleaning Tips by Room

House spring cleaning can be a petty annoyance for most people, but without the proper amount of cleaning a home will quickly become a real issue if you’re not careful. You would have to do this often enough to make sure you cover all your bases. The details of the job may vary, but the truth is you will still come down to taking on the job on a room by room basis and all in familiar ways. Let the following tips give you some pointers to make it work:

  • Cleaning the Kitchen

This will take some serious work even when you’re not cooking all that much. If you do a lot of cooking however, then you will need to deal with all of this in a calm and orderly fashion. Start by working on the fridge and scrub any food scraps and bacteria from the inside. It will take a good bit of effort, but it will be worth it, so remove the drawers and shelves, washing them as you move on with the job. You can do this with a sponge dipped in a mix of water and bleach, but if you want to avoid this then you can also work with white vinegar to make it happen. With this approach you can not only clean but you can also sanitizer as well. Do wear gloves if you plan on using bleach however.

  • Cleaning the bedroom

The bedroom is a place that also needs professional cleaning on a regular basis, but you will need to pay attention to your bedding as well. Bedding has to be washed every two weeks or so and replaced about as often. This will help remove and deal with cleaning all the dust and dander collected as you spend time in your bed, especially if you flap your covers every time you get up. Dander and dust mites could become triggers for allergies if you’re not careful.

  • Cleaning your bathroom

Bathrooms also happen to be a location that requires more attention than usual, so you will need to make it into one of your spring cleaning initiatives. Bathrooms tend to be areas where there are many problems, such as mold due to the higher levels of moisture in the room as well as the caulk that builds up around the sinks and showerheads and it needs to be gone. You can deal with both with a few fairly easy solutions, such as white vinegar, lemon juice and antifungal cleaners. You could also work with borax due to its antifungal capability as well as easy of cleaning capability. Floors should be kept clean at all times, as they will see plenty of hair and dander in larger households.

If you believe you simply don’t have the time to deal with all these daily chores, then you will need to have this under control by figuring out scheduled cleanings by working with a professional cleaning company. They will handle upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning and so much more in the process. You have to contact several companies to find the one that gets the job done right, so look for those on the market and their track record when it comes to doing business.

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