Tips and Tricks for Effective Pub Cleaning

Do you own a pub? You know that one of the reasons why people will keep coming back to your pub is cleanliness. When they feel that your pub is clean, they will feel more comfortable while they are there.

It can be harder to keep your pub clean when there are more people who come to your pub especially on Friday night. If you would look at the whole pub from a vantage point of view, you will realize that everything is just in disarray. It can be enough to make you feel stressed. You know that you need to make more effort into maintaining the cleanliness of your pub.

Hiring the Right Bartenders
You may not realize this but the right bartenders will not only attract customers, but they will also know the importance of keeping the bar clean. Bartenders may have been trained to mix drinks but they were also taught how to organize the bottles that they will use. They have also learned the different ways that they can keep their space clean. The more that they keep their designated spaces clean, the more that customers will be enticed to drink more. This will definitely be good for your business.

Ways to Keep Your Pub Clean
How can you keep your pub looking more organized and clean? These are a few tips to remember:

Make sure that you know the designated spots for the different items that you have in the pub. You should know where the different liquors, bar tools, garnishes, glasses, and all the other items should be. Let your different employees know about this too so they will know where they should put certain items.
Open wine bottles should just be minimal. You may want to show your customers that you have different drinks that they can get but you do not have to open the bottles for that. It will be hard to keep track of all the drinks when all of them are open. You can keep track of which drinks have been opened first. You also need to check if the drinks are still good even if they have already been opened. You do not want to get sued by your customers.
Create a checklist of the other things that your employees should do before closing. Their tasks can be very simple and they can be designated to small spots around the pub. They do not have to think about other employees’ spaces. They may be assigned to restock the glasses or to wipe certain tables. The simple tasks they can do can help keep your bar clean.
Hire a professional cleaner to do the pub cleaning thoroughly every other week. Some pub owners may think that once a month deep cleaning will work. It might if you do not get a lot of customers, especially during the weekend. You want to keep your pub smelling clean and fresh. The only way that you can do this effectively is by hiring the right cleaners with the right tools and equipment to keep your pub clean.

When you have a clean pub, you will be able to attract more customers to check out your pub. You can also serve your customers quicker because your employees know where they should get the needed items.