Pub Cleaning by Gleem

Pub Cleaning by Gleem

We'll Make Your Pub Sparkle
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Pub Cleaning by Gleem

Why Gleem

Our experienced pub cleaning services teams look after the cleaning of front of house areas, such as the bar, tables, floors and eating areas, as well as the backroom areas including cellar, storage units, kitchens and living quarter and guest rooms.

We create bespoke pub cleaning plans for each premise based on individual needs, so whatever you are looking for and whatever level of service you require.

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What is Included in Gleem's Pub Cleaning?

Cleaning of toilets

Cleaning of kitchen, restaurants and eating areas

Cleaning of outside areas and patios

Cleaning of bar area

Cleaning of windows

Cleaning of floors - hoovering and polishing

Focus on high footfall areas

Bar area cleaning

Line cleaning service

Cleaning of point of sale areas

Cleaning of fridges and storage units

Cleaning of all front of house areas

Cleaning of tables

Cleaning of floors


3 Gleem Commercial Cleaning staff members standing with cleaning equipment..
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