End of tenancy cleaning tips

End of tenancy cleaning tips

Living in a home is a major parts of our life.

Somewhere in life, we are tenants somewhere. We pay the deposit to secure the place and later we get to do our lives or business in that space. The place will not remain the same as we left it, but we can do something about it to make sure the owner of the property refunds the deposit: Perform an end of tenancy clean!

Check and clean the walls

This is the section of the house that angers property owners. Marks on the wall because of the dust, cleaning activities, children and friends playing around should be cleaned. If they are lesser marks wash them off if they are multiple marks try to use a paint of the same colour. If you leave walls in a poor state, once the owner inspects it, they will slash expenses for deposit. You do not want this to happen. Leave the wall spotless.

Leave the curtains clean

Some good property owners will install curtain holders and curtains for you. The best you can do on an end of the tenancy is to leave them the way you got them. Often times we forget and dry our hands with the curtains, oh some wipe the windows with the curtains. A property owner will check their curtains and request you have them done, if that does not happen they will deduct washing costs for the curtains, therefore, do not allow for that by doing this right.

Tidy up the living room

The property owner will not check everything; they just need to have an impression of the state at which you have left their house. The living room is just the place; you will see them passing their hands around for dust, for cobwebs, under the furniture, the cabinets and shelves. Always do your best to dust these key regions so that your end of tenancy exercise is an easy ride.

The kitchen can deny you your deposit

A lot happens in the kitchen, the sink, the taps, the shelves; the cookers need to be left just as clean as they were when you got to the house. If you want to make this easy for you, just make it a character cleaning those regions frequently, fix the cooker, dust the shelves, check the tap and clean the sinks. The property owner cannot wait to release your deposit.

The floor

You might have used carpets; the moment you choose to leave, the carpets will have left a bad mark in the region they covered. Carefully get rid of each piece of the carpet, clean the region and do the same for the entire floor. A bad floor can put off a new tenant this is exactly what the owner will say.

The bathroom

I cannot forget to talk about this. As a single man, I know just the points of the bathroom I can leave in a mess. Check the showerhead if it is there, checks the sinks, the mirror and other parts of the room. Clean regions that need to be tidied fix the broken mirror you punched while angry and fix the showerhead.
The above is just not the end of the list, there are many more but the above should be convincing enough to earn you the end of tenancy deposit refund.

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