Clean Your Home In Just One Hour

Clean Your Home In Just One Hour

Clean Your Home In Just One Hour


Cleaning the house is one of the most dreaded task most individuals try to avoid, especially in Bristol. Just the thought of it is often exhausting. But, getting your house cleaned is something that can be done in very little time and without all the scrubbing and deep cleaning. Where most seem to get caught up in an all day cleaning frenzied on one of their days off is simply because there are not taking a little bit of time everyday to maintain the house. Instead of leaving all the cleaning for the weekend or just one day a week follow these tips to clean your home in one hour every day.

Speed Cleaning Your Home In Bristol

Start in the kitchen and quickly gather all the items you see lying around that does not belong in the kitchen and put them in the proper rooms. Wash off all dishes or place them in the dishwasher. It you have dishes that need to be put away do that as well. Spray all counter areas, stove tops, and kitchen sink and give everything a good wipe down. If there are any sticky spills on the floor wipe them up. It should only take you about 10 – 15 minutes to get the kitchen cleaned up.

Next move on to the living room and dinning room areas. Gather up everything that does not belong in the room up and set aside for now. Give all the furniture and knickknacks a quick dust over as well as the television. Using an all purpose spray give the furniture surfaces a wipe down. Straighten out any books, magazines or pictures that you have displayed and put the remotes in one spot. The living room should only take about 10 minutes to straighten up. When you are done with the living room, make sure you gathered up all the items that do not belong and start putting them in the rooms where they belong.

For the bedrooms you will first gather all clothing items that are on the floor and either place them in the laundry basket to be cleaned or hang them up. Clear away any clutter that may be on the nightstands, dressers, desk or other bedroom furniture areas. Give all furniture a quick dusting. Clean off any mirrors and windows. If not already done make the bed or replace the bedding with clean sheets and blankets. The bedroom should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

The final room you will give a quick clean up to is the bathroom or bathrooms. Give the inside of the toilet bowl a quick brushing. Spray a shower and tub cleaner over the shower area, an ideal product would be one that you do not have to rinse off. Spray an all purpose spray over the sink area and give it a quick wipe down as well a making sure you clean off the mirrors. Gather up any towels and mats that need to be washed in the laundry. Finish by giving the using a disinfectant to wipe off the light switch and to wipe the outside of the toilet, especially the flusher. The bathroom will only take you at most 10 minutes to clean.

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