Assessing your job performance in Bristol

Assessing your job performance in Bristol

Cleaning jobs are performance sensitive jobs. Knowing how you do in your cleaning is an important step towards improving performance. You can have a good cleaning program but if you do not know how your customers feel you may end up losing the customers to poor performance. The best way to check your job performance in the Bristol cleaning market is through assessing key performance indicators. Below are a number of key performance indicators that can be used to assess jobs.

Assessing cleaning job performance can be done by using key performance metrics like customer satisfaction, appearance, fiscal appearance, sanitizing and health metrics.

The Customer Satisfaction Metric

This metric helps you gauge yourself depending on what the customer feels about your services. Impressing in a cleaning job is not a difficult task. Using a scale of 1 to 10, your customer should tell you how good your service is, what point of your cleaning requires improvement, you also need to know whether they are satisfied with your service.

The appearance metric

Using the same scale of one to ten, the client should help you gauge the appearance of the cleaned areas. They are quite easy, people base their judgment on the smell and result of area cleaned. This is hugely dependent on the impression of cleaning leaves. If the cleaning services are good, this should be able to a good and easy result on your metrics.

Once you have done this review, use a third party. Expose the party to the same conditions of your services. A third party should be able to earn you a fair opinion on the appearance of the areas your cleaning firm works on.
Even though cleaning using typical cleaning equipment can leave an area clean and fresh smelling, it does not make the place contamination free. Using devices and methods that detect contaminations is a good way to work. Getting rid of those contaminations is a better step towards good appearance improvement.

The Fiscal Metric

Performance can also be portrayed in the money data. The amount spent on providing cleaning services, the area of space cleaned and the effect of your cleaning on client assets. Cleaning can at most times damage client property. The effect may not be seen immediately, being able to get back to the client and knowing how certain cleaned regions appear should be able to give you the right result of the service offered, fiscally. If it is damaging using alternative cleaning methods that do not damage client property is important; maybe a change in cleaning chemicals.

The Health Metric

An example is whereby a customer approaches you to have their place checked for contamination. Your customer might be facing infections related to dirt, maybe there cleaning does not keep the air ventilated. Once the service has been offered, get customer feedback on how they are feeling after your cleaning. If they have been safe from infections, you must have provided an impressive service. This is an indicator of a good cleaning job performance.

To maintain these levels, you as the owner of cleaning jobs services in Bristol you should be able to track Key Performance Indicators. This will ensure your firm continues to offer good cleaning services to its clients.

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