A Guide to Green and Safe Office Cleaning

A Guide to Green and Safe Office Cleaning

Every time I go to an office in the morning, I noticed it has been cleaned, it looks okay but suddenly there is an air freshener, the nice smell can send you coughing and sneezing all day long. I call this cleaning without care for the environment and the people it surrounds. Some clients will never come back because they were never happy with the cleaning tactics your office use. These services even not directly related to the serving they sought.

Below are a number of tips you will find useful for yourself and anybody that does cleaning for your office.

Seek the services of a firm that uses eco-friendly cleaning methods.

Some firms use cheap and untested chemicals to do their cleaning in their offices. I know of a friend that on getting into the office go for a rag and start using the same water that is powered with certain detergents that are dangerous to the skin. Employees could not be using gloves as the cleaners and might suffer serious conditions from cleaning agents a cleaning use.

The use of healthy and safe cleaning technology.

These days we do not need brooms to raise dust from floors and affect the respiratory systems of various people. Just invest in a vacuum cleaner or hire a firm that uses one in its cleaning to handle the business for you. The vacuum cleaner picks dust and dirt and will not in any way allow it to reach anybody reaches near it.

Install and even ensure a good air condition quality in your offices.

Installing good ventilation in your offices allows free flow of fresh air. After cleaning, all the windows can be left partly open for a while to prevent stuffiness in the office. The detergent could be a safe one but strong scented and not everyone enjoys it. Leaving the windows, open can make the scent weaker and accommodative.

Use natural products for cleaning.

Replace high chemical cleaning agents and go for herbs or natural oils during cleaning. They will serve the same purpose and it will be healthy to stay in the room even as the floors dry.
Inspect the office cleaning firm’s products. A firm may guarantee green office cleaning equipment and practices only to change their minds because they think you do not notice. Have some to check what they use to phase out products not eco-friendly at all costs. In the contracts have a clause that only restricts the firms to green office cleaning practices.

Formulate a green office cleaning policy.

You might be going eco-friendly but your employees are not reading from the same group. Introduce the concept to them, train or hire someone to train them on eco-friendly cleaning methods. Later create a green office cleaning policy and make sure they follow it or have someone that ensures they follow those policies to the latter ensure a clean but also the safe working environment.

These tips will help you create a green office cleaning culture, being the one to instigate it sets an environment for others in your organization to follow even in their homes.

3 Gleem Home / House cleaning staff members inside a  homeroom wearing  purple aprons, white t-shirts with white Gleem logo and yellow rubber gloves on hands holding a cleaning brush, vacuum cleaner and  a mop.