Interesting facts about Bristol

Interesting facts about Bristol

From world famous bars to art galleries, Bristol has it all. The city’s thriving independent spirit is what gave the city an identity for itself. The City boasts of abundant natural treasure in form of picturesque hills and foliage. The city finds a special place in your heart no matter whether you are visiting it, vacationing here or just passing through. Here are some interesting facts that you need to know about Bristol.

First cycling city in the UK.

Bristol is surrounded by hills at every corner, but this doesnot deter people from being adventurous and getting around on two wheels, being the first cycling city in UK. The very first bit of the National Cycle Network was built here.

The independent spirit.

Gloucester road at Bristol has the maximum independent shops than any other street in the UK. Bristol has an independent mayor and a currency of its own, Bristol Pound.

Wallace and Gromit

The art trail last summer saw Gromit being transformed into number of individual sculptures dotting around the City. A public art event featuring Gromit took place in 2013 and over 1.8 million people visited it.

Ribena was invented

Nipper, the HMV dos lived here and a voyage by John Cabot from Bristol actually led to the discovery of America. The best thing being Ribena was invented in the city


Summer sets in and you have three important, famous festivals happening simultaneously. From music to theatre everything comes to the venues. Along with Balloon Fiesta, Harbour festivals you can enjoy the diverse cuisines of the place at the Food connections festival.

Green spaces and water.

Bristol when visited some year ago looked like a forest of masts. Though trading has been seized, water still plays an integral role in its city life. The ferries, bridges and bars on boats swing in large ships.

Street Art

Nelson Street is a must place to visit in Bristol. It is a place that has been transformed into a huge outdoor art gallery. Upfest has huge pieces of art on the sides of many buildings on the North Street.


Talk about Bristol and you can never forget the Clifton Suspension Bridge, which is a real landmark. It was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel who died before its completion. The celebration of the 150th anniversary, the bridge sang with playing cables like a harp as a part of the human harp project.

Bread and coffee

The pace at which life moves is relatively slow at Bristol. A drive down Temple Meads you find the traditional Hart’s bakery, East Bristol Bakery on St Mark’s road where you can sip coffee and delicious bread from Small Street Espresso or Full Court Press.

Art galleries in toilets, theatres in breweries and secret bars beneath restaurants.

Everything is not evidently visible at Bristol. The Brewery theatre and other theatres above pubs and one at a bar and night club give you a wonderful feeling.  Exhibition space at Edwardian toilets can be hired for free by artists.


Bristol has a long heritage and has all the charm and vibrant features to attract flocks of tourist. They come here and pamper themselves to the luxuries of life. The city has the capacity to create a lasting impression on people visiting it.

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