5 Steps to Effectively Clean Your Home Office

5 Steps to Effectively Clean Your Home Office

As the vaccines are still not widely available and still rolling slowly to the market and going back to an onsite office is still out of the question, most office workers have no choice but to remain in their home office. Much like every office or room, a home office should be kept tidy and organized to stop it from messing with your productivity. In comparison, cleaning a home office is a lot easier, yet some people are still left confused on how to clean one properly.

For this reason, we created easy steps to follow in cleaning your office at home: 

Step 1: Create a Schedule

Create a schedule for your cleaning, preferably on your day-off. Clean your home office at least once a week if you are work-from-home or have a telecommute job, or every two weeks if you use it less often. Place your schedule on your desk or google calendar to have you reminded. 

Step 2: Organize your workspace.

Since your home office will likely be smaller than your real one, you will need to optimize the space. A great way to save space while still keeping your files organized is by having shelves and cabinets in your work area. Your workspace should have two shelves installed to separate books and notebooks; and only a single filing cabinet. Have a holder for your pens and pencils as well. 

Step 3: Dust your computer

Shake-out your keyboard to remove crumbs and use can compressed air to remove deep-seated dust. You can also use cotton damped with alcohol and wipe between keys. Proceed to wipe your monitor with a microfiber cloth but make sure it is unplugged first. Untangle wires and arrange them in a manner that does not get in your way when working. 

Step 5: Clean your desk and chair.

Pick-up scattered pens, used staples, and scrap papers and have a trash bin nearby to throw it out. Wipe your desk regularly and avoid eating in it. Vacuum your chair and floor. For stains on your chair, use a spray bottle containing dishwashing soap (waterproof) or alcohol (non-waterproof) to clean spot it and then wipe down its legs, arms, and wheels with a cloth. 

Step 5: Sanitize and replace miscellaneous items.

Sanitize your telephone, mouse, calculator, and the likes at least once a week. Clean your curtains and blinds with a vacuum on a low setting with a brush attachment and have them replaced once a month. Wipe your windows as well with a clean cloth and glass cleaner or dishwashing liquid and water. 

Working from home without the hassle of everyday commute or traffic has been one of the few good things the pandemic has brought. And while we are still waiting for the national government and our employers to allow us back to our office, we must do our best to keep every aspect of our work life intact to perform our jobs at best. And having a clean and work-inducive environment is one of them.

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