Cleaning Hacks - How To Get Rid Of Flies (Part 4)

How To Get Rid Of Flies

Flies, an unwelcome seasonal guest

We at Gleem welcome this wonderful weather with open arms, but balminess comes at a cost as the risk of flies increases exponentially with the warmer weather.

Obviously, we imagine your very busy people with little time to spend swatting individual flies. However, there are some quick ways to eliminate these pesky guests, which we will be highlighting a crafty couple of these over the next few weeks:

Oh buzz off...
Oh buzz off…

Tip 1:

Go retro: the sticky fly strip

  1. Mix 1/4 of golden syrup with 1/4 cup sugar – the saccharine odour attracts the flies
  2. Get some strips of thin brown paper (cereal boxes are ideal) and punch holes in the top and insert through some string with a knot to form a loop so the whole thing hangs down
  3. Paint the sugary solution on the paper
  4. Hang the strips where the flies lurk

This option is probably the most diverting way to solve the pervading problem of flies, but next week we’ll be looking at more organic options (think the Venus Fly Trap!) which have the benefit of brightening up interiors too!

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