Bristol is a beautiful city filled with so many possibilities. I'm convinced that no matter what your interests are, you'll find something of interest nearby!

Places to Visit in Bristol this 2021

People who go to England normally go to London. They have seemed to forgotten going to Bristol which is actually one of the places that people should visit right now. Like other parts of Europe, Bristol also became widely affected by the pandemic. There are still a lot of spots in the city that are worth visiting.

Some people go to Bristol with low expectations. The moment that they see the things that the place can offer, they cannot stop gushing about it. There are some things that you may get to experience here that you never thought would be available. You can make the most out of your visit by knowing the best places to visit in Bristol this 2021.

There may be more places that were available before the pandemic. Right now, these are the places that you can visit this year.

1. Wander King Street

This was laid out in the year 1650. This is one of the best places that you can visit if you want to learn more about Bristol’s history. There used to be some sailing barges that were available in the area. Right now, these are made up of different pubs and restaurants that are worth checking out. If you want to experience some pubs that have been open since the 17th century, this is the best area to visit.

2. St. Nicholas Market

If you have always loved shopping, then you do not have to look any further. This is the market that comes with a lot of shops that will offer different goodies. Expect some local produce, second-hand books, vintage clothing, and so much more. If you would like to see some pre-loved items, this is the best area to check out now. You may find some treasures that you will never find elsewhere.

3. Bristol Cathedral

This is a beautiful cathedral that is built in a Romanesque style. This is large, over 300 feet. It has been rebuilt several times but the original building created still remains. There are some tours that you can sign up for so that you will fully enjoy the cathedral. Plus, there are definitely a lot of details that will make you appreciate the place more.

4. Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

If you are looking for a museum that can offer a bit of everything, you do not have to look elsewhere. This will offer you exactly what you want. Find some details about dinosaurs and you can also check out some contemporary art. It will be ideal if you would be going with other people who will also appreciate different things. The best thing about this museum is it’s free.

5. S.S Great Britain

When you go near the harbor, you are recommended to see this. This was a challenge to build because it was big. Those who created it went bankrupt even before it took its first voyage. This has also suffered from some losses. There was a time when it was abandoned for decades. It was finally recovered and made to become a tourist attraction. People are not complaining because, in spite of the number of years since it was built, it is still majestic.

There are a lot of places in Bristol that are worth visiting. Which one are you going to visit first?

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