Ways on how to clean and care for your home windows

Ways on how to clean and care for your home windows

Windows are essential parts of our housing at home. A window is known to provide lighting to the house and also bring fresh air in. A home cannot be complete without at least having a window. Like any part of your small or big home, windows are also important and in need of great care. Caring for your windows includes having the right cleaning and maintenance processes.

We have different types of windows which include: glass, metallic and wooden windows. These different types require different ways of care. Most of the time for glass windows, we consider not scratching them while cleaning them to avoid breaking them in the process. As for wooden windows, we make sure to take care of their final finishes to maintain their shine by buffing or polishing them. For metallic windows, we ensure to maintain their look and prevent them from their hinges from rusting by oiling them and maintaining their shine too.

Below are some of the tips to follow while cleaning your windows:

Draw the blinds and curtains

Always start by removing your curtains or blinds before proceeding with your cleaning. Wash your blinds or curtains before you proceed with your cleaning.

Dust your windows using a dry dusting cloth or brush. Start from the top to the bottom paying attention to the corners of your window during dusting. Also, use a cobweb remover to get rid of cobwebs around your windows before you proceed with cleaning

Consider what to use during your cleaning

Consider using a simple soap solution for your window. Mix the solution with warm water to help you during your cleaning process.  Use soft sponges during cleaning to avoid scratching and damaging of your window using abrasives. Avoid also using strong solutions to prevent damaging the paint of the windows if painted.

How to prevent your windows from smudges and stains during cleaning

Start cleaning your window from top to bottom this will help prevent the window from having streaks. Also to get rid of soap from your window surfaces make sure to rinse your cleaning cloth or squeegee in clean water and work in round motions from top to bottom.

Use a microfiber cloth or a damp chamois to dry water from your window

Consider the timing of your cleaning

Most of the people tend to think that sunny days are the best times to clean your windows. Thinking it makes it easier to spot any kind of dirt what they do not know is that the sun dries the windows fast enough before you rinse and dry them properly. Therefore, it is good to consider cleaning your windows on a cloudy day.

Consider making your cleaning solutions

Make your cleaning solution adding two tablespoons of vinegar to warm water. To kill bacteria, add two tablespoons of ammonia to the solution but make sure to use gloves for your hands to avoid irritation. Use dry newspapers to dry and shine your windows, giving them a great finish.

Pay attention to the window seals the edges

During your cleaning, make sure to also clean all the edges and corners around your windows to get rid of hidden dirt. This will help maintain the look of your windows and long last.

Taking care of your home windows is very important as they improve the appearance of your home. To maintain the look of your home always make sure to pay attention to your windows during their cleaning processes and consider using certain kind of cleaning materials.

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