How to clean office carpets

How to clean office carpets

How to clean office carpets

Well cleaned and adequately maintained office carpets last longer than the carelessly handled.

To maintain and clean the office carpets, we need to follow some steps as follows:

Ways of maintaining office carpets
-Always clean the carpet often before it becomes filthy.

Always clean the office carpets immediately you its color has started becoming dull, this will prevent you from taking much time while cleaning, costing more, and being much more difficult to clean.

-Always vacuum thoroughly before and after cleaning to get rid of large soil particles than cannot easily be removed.

-Treat your office carpets stains and high traffic areas before cleaning

This will help loosen any dirt and make it easy to clean hence saving time and avoid wastage of detergent.

-Always elevate your office furniture

This will help prevent the carpet from stains and finishes of paint from touching the carpet or any rusts from being in contact with the carpet.

-Always use carpet shampooers or steam carpets cleaners as instructed to avoid damage or spread of stains.

How to get rid of carpet stains

Immediately there is a stain act quickly by removing it. If a stain stay longer it gets harder to get rid of it.

-Avoid rubbing or scrubbing stains
Scrubbing of stains damages carpet fibers. Always start your cleaning from the outside of the stain to the inside to avoid spreading.

-Use water to remove stain

85% of most stains can be removed by using clean water. To remove the stain, start by using a clean cloth pressed on the stain to absorb it. Then gently use water into the stain with a white damp cloth to absorb the stain.

Don’t scoop or dig any spills from the carpet. This may cause the spread of the stain. Always use a spoon t gently scrape the stain then treat the stain.

-Use vinegar to get rid of tough stains before using any other cleaning agents.

Materials and equipment required to clean an office carpet

Before cleaning your office carpets assemble or cleaning materials to avoid last-minute rush and save on time.

These materials include:
-Spot/stain cleaning materials
-Carpet cleaning soap
-White clean clothes for stain removal
-Vacuum filters
-A good vacuum cleaner/steam cleaning machine

Steps on cleaning carpets

Thorough cleaning of carpets in an office is vital as carpets provide a perfect breeding space for insects and infections.

Steps to follow while cleaning:

-Move the office furniture to remove the carpets then inspect the dirt on the carpet.
-Vacuum thoroughly to get rid of soils and dirt available.
-Identify the stains and treat them thoroughly as per the kind of stain, as explained above.
-Treat the office carpet using an emulsifier pretreatment according to the soiling level.
-Follow the machine instructions before starting the cleaning process. Start from the corner of the carpet across the whole carpet, repeating the cleaning thoroughly. Make sure to clean the entire carpet without leaving any stains before proceeding to dry
-Allow the carpets to dry where there is a lot of air available before putting it back to its place in the office.

Cleaning office carpets is important as it prevents the spread of germs and infections, so we are advised to regularly clean. Regular cleaning also enhances the appearance of your office.

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