Top 5 office cleaning tips -to keep your office always neat

Retaining the neatness of your office sometimes may seem impossible even after getting the help of commercial cleaning service; however, there are some ways you could keep your office always neat without bothering much about employing a commercial cleaner, but this requires the help of every office members including the customers.

Here, you will learn about the top 5 tips you could initiate into your office cleaning process to retain your office neatness.

Top 5 office cleaning tips

1. Keep Public areas neat: Public areas are spaces in the office designated for customers, this is the location where interaction with customers is being carried out, and the first place you must look out for if you want to retain the neatness of your office. The seat for customers should be dust and dirt free; hence it should be cleaned with a micro-fibre cloth or a rag regularly. Also, if there is a carpet of a rug in those areas a vacuum should be used on those at least once a week.

Furthermore, your public area is the first place your customers see and if it is not neat and tidy enough you might lose them to another company.

2. Keep working areas neat: Keeping your office working area neat and tidy is also as important as your public areas, this means that you have to clean up your desk, electronic gadget, fan, windows regularly; while doing this you can try using a dust-repellant spray in thin spaces or on an electronic gadget to ward off the dust for a longer time.

3. Organize your paperwork:  If your company deals with a lot of paperwork then, you have to find a way of arranging them neatly. You can find a storage place for the paperwork depending on their category and usage, the storage place can either be a shelf, a filing cabinet, or a desk tray. A desk tray is very useful for storing up paperwork that is left wandering around the office.

4.  Empty your drawers: Your office drawers can be a place where you keep all kinds of rubbish, you might do this unknowingly without your mind being there; however, you should take up the habit of emptying your drawers at least 3 times a week. This will help in decongesting your office desk. Also, you should arrange office equipment properly in your drawer, it shouldn’t be found scattered around your desk.

 5. Clean your windows regularly:  If your office window is dirty it could block or prevent natural sunlight from radiating into your office room. A clean window could also attract customers to your company or business. You can make use of a vacuum attachment like the upholstery to clean up the window sills.



Regular cleaning of your office might seem tedious sometimes; however, if you follow the tips mentioned above you will notice that it can be done easily without much stress. And if you have a larger office with a lot more employees you can call for the help of a professional office cleaning services

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