The Secret to Your Perfect Wooden Office Floor

The Secret to Your Perfect Wooden Office Floor

Wooden floors have been considered more convenient and reliable in the present day. Wood floors add a beautiful touch to our offices. This promotes the use of wooden floors in most of our offices particularly. For us to keep up with the shiny new look of our floors, we are supposed to use the right procedures and agents��for cleaning.

It is good to be able to identify the type of floor you are to clean for you to use the right cleaning agents.

Daily cleaning of a wooden office floor

Wooden floors don't require regular cleaning; therefore, dusting is done to remove dust from the floor.

To clean a wooden floor, a dry wool mop. It removes dirt entirely and also holds soil until it is shaken off or washed on a sink.

Procedure on daily cleaning

-Open the office windows to let in fresh air

-Collect and dispose all unwanted trash and empty the office dustbin

-Rearrange the office furniture to one corner and start cleaning systematically

-Vacuum the office furniture to remove any dirt or dust that might have clung

-Dust the whole wooden floor in bits using a dry wool mop to prevent from living behind and a trace of dirt

-Arrange the furniture to their right place making sure all office materials to the right place

Weekly cleaning of wooden office floor

Weekly cleaning requires more attention as we apply more effort and get rid of any strong stains on the floor during the week

Procedure on weekly cleaning

-Open the office windows to allow fresh air into the office.

-Collect any unwanted dirt in the office and dispose of it.

-Rearrange the furniture and vacuum them.

-Start cleaning the wooden floor by dusting it using a dry woolen mop; this will help remove light dirt before thorough cleaning begins.

-Then make a cleaning mixture as instructed by the manufacturer considering the type of wood used

-Apply the cleaning agents taught mopping and scrubbing gently in small sections to avoid scratches.

-Use a damp mop to clean, avoiding a soaking wet one as water tends to be a terrible enemy to wooden floors.

-Dry the small section while mopping using a dry mop. Moreover, allow the surface to dry as you proceed cleaning the rest of the floor.

-Repeat this procedure until the whole office is sparkling clean.

-Once you have dried the whole floor, polish the wooden floor to keep it shiny and presentable.

-Arrange the furniture and other office equipment properly.

Steps to keeping your wooden floor shiny

Polishing is appropriate every between 2-4 months.

Polishing removes stains and scratches, preventing the floor from further damages.

The following stepsshould help during floor polishing;

  • First, clear the office by removing the furniture
  • Secondly, vacuum the floor to remove debris. When choosing avacuum cleaner, make sure it doesn⫪t have any rough parts or faults to avoid it from damaging the floor.
  • Mop your floor appropriately using the right cleaning agents as instructed by the manufacturer.
  • Buff your office floor using a buffing machine or a dry cloth in small sections.
  • Then begin the polishing process using the below procedure;

-Purchase the right polish depending on your type of wooden office floor

-Before using the polish, read the instructions that are given to avoid damaging the floor or misusing the polish.

-Test your polish on a small section of the floor to be sure it is the right polish

-Start the polishing from the interior of your office to the outside, applying the polish in semi-circular motions.

-For it to shine, allow the floor to dry��completely.

Follow the simple steps to make your wooden floor presentable.

Wooden floors are the new modern layout for our offices today. it is up to us to maintain a clean and goodlooking floor.

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