Tips to keep your office clean

Tips to keep your office clean

The reasons to keep your office clean are numerous. Keeping it neat and clean not only makes the place visually appealing, but is important to leave a good and lasting impression on customers. Office is always your second home and hence deserves the same kind of cleaning and care like your house. Here are few tips that will help maintain order in your place of work. These tips will help keep your office clean.Always organise your papersPaperwork piled up not only makes the place look messy, but is difficult and time consuming when you need to refer back to the needed document when time be. The loose papers need to be properly organized and is the most important part in making your office look clean and neat.

  • You can always store them in cabinets, the invoices, estimates, work order, customer profiles and other important papers needs to filed in separate folders and labelled appropriately. Name them according to specific use and neatly place them inside cupboards and cabinet while cleaning.
  • Some papers need to be handy for immediate reference, you can make use of wall mounted pockets and desktop trays for such papers. Bills to be paid and other paperwork must always be filed.
  • In order to avoid space and hassles of storing papers, scan the documents and archive them electronically.

Disinfecting the restroomsThe safety of employees and customers need to be on your priority list. Restrooms are usually high traffic areas and hence need to be cleaned every day.

  • Always scrub toilet bowls with disinfecting cleaners using a toilet brush. The seat, lid, base, tank and outside area of the toilet needs to be hygienic as well. Deodorising cakes may help maintain freshness in the toilet.
  • Disinfectant cleaner needs to be administered near the sink and counter areas.
  • Mop and sweep the floor.
  • Replace tissue rolls, paper towel holders and refill soap dispensers.

Keep electronics dust freeYou can always use a duster to blast out dust hidden in tight spaces like fans and keyboards. Wipe the electronics clean with soft disinfectant sprayed rag.Keep the pantry cleanSpilt, left-over food in the pantry brings in its own share of unhealthy germs. A clean pantry is necessary for the safety and good health of employees.

  • Keep the refrigerator organised and sparkling. Throw out old food and wipe the interiors with a damp cloth.
  • The sinks, chairs, tables and countertops need to be sprayed with disinfectants.
  • The microwave too needs to be part of your daily office cleaning process. The mess can harden on the walls of the microwave if left for an extended period of time.
  • The dish drainer needs to be cleaned daily to avoid growth of mildew. Wash the dish towels regularly. The dish sponges also need to be changed when necessary.

Empty the waste basketsThe garbage in the break room, conference hall, restrooms and public area needs to be emptied every day.Public area needs to be kept presentableYou need to put in lot of attention and care while presenting a public area or waiting room that represents your business ethics. A clean company is always impressive and speaks aloud about the values that the company follows.

  • The seating should be free of dust and stains.
  • The books, magazines and broachers kept on display in the waiting room needs to be tidy and up to date. Discard ripped old, dirty reading material.
  • Dust furniture, wall hangings and plants apart from the windows.
  • Keep the walls clean of dirty marks.
  • Clean fingerprints off the windows and mirrors.
  • Mop the floor at regular intervals.

��Clean desk spaceMake use of pencil holders, bookshelves, drawer dividers, standing file holders and paper trays to create space. The desktops need to be clean of dust and food crumbs.ConclusionThough extensive cleaning of your office is important for business to flourish, employees to can add to help keep up cleanliness of the office. They can always wipe their feet before entering the office premises and make sure that their shoes are not really dirty. They can also help by keeping their individual desks clean by storing papers properly.Small act by them will help the office cleaners a great deal.

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