Things Most People Miss When Cleaning Their Home

Things Most People Miss When Cleaning Their Home


When you are cleaning your home you may rush through it to get to work or return to other responsibilities in your life such as childcare. Although you may look at your home and be proud of what you have achieved after your clean there are likely to be spots you have missed, which can in fact impact on your health. Getting a professional Bristol cleaning service in could help you to get back on top of your housework so that it is easier to maintain. To the naked eye a room may look clean however under the microscope many parts of the room may have been missed. As Bristol professional cleaners have the expertise and know how they can ensure your home is ready for any special occasion, sale, new tenancy or just take over your spring clean set for the warmer weather.

Dirty facts

Each person on earth will shed approximately 600,000 particles of their skin over a 12 month period which equates to around 1.5 pounds in weight. After 70 years on earth 105 skin pounds will have been shed. This is for most around 2/3 of their weight! With so much time in the home it is easy to see how dust can build up so quickly. Dust mites thrive in environments where they have skin to feed off, but unfortunately they can cause allergic reactions. This can exacerbate allergies such as eczema and asthma. Keeping ornaments to a minimum and vacuuming weekly will minimize the amount of dust mites that are present.

The bedroom

The bed you sleep in will have on average around 10,000 mites that will be leaving their droppings all over. The bedroom is a place where mites can thrive which is why they should be kept at bay by keeping on top of washing bedding weekly and vacuuming. Many Bristol cleaning services will provide a laundry service in addition to their usual cleaning roles. If it's not in the advertisement or website ask to see if this is a service provided. It only takes 6 months of not cleaning a pillow for it to collect double its weight. It can also harbor germs meaning that you keep getting infected with the same germs. It is advisable to wash pillow cases as often as daily if you are sick and don't forget the pillows too.

The bathroom

The bathroom hides a multitude of germs, however even being the place where we are more likely to be naked and at our must vulnerable cleanliness is often skipped. For each inch of your toilet seat there are around 295 bacteria lurking! A professional Bristol cleaning company worker will have germ killing sprays and thoroughly clean not only the toilet bowl but the toilet seat too. They will ensure the handle is also wiped and the exterior of the toilet which is often missed if there are no obvious signs of dirt.

The kitchen

The kitchen doesn⫪t escape from germs with their being around 500,000 bacteria lurking in every inch of the drain. It is in fact one of the most often used areas of the house and holds the most germs. Using microfiber dishcloths over sponges is recommended to prevent germs being held onto and redistributed. Using a grout and tooth brush to get dirt from the tap edges is highly recommended to remove all germs.You don't have to worry about all those places that you can miss when you hire a professional cleaning company from Bristol like Gleem.

3 Gleem Home / House cleaning staff members inside a  homeroom wearing  purple aprons, white t-shirts with white Gleem logo and yellow rubber gloves on hands holding a cleaning brush, vacuum cleaner and  a mop.