Bristol, a town in England. With so many things to do and see it's easy for an itinerary of Bristol to be made simple!

Planning Your Bristol Itinerary Made Easy

Do you know that Bristol is a fantastically beautiful city? Most people do not seem to think so. They usually overlook this because there is London that is well known all over the world. People may be sleeping in on Bristol but this is one of the largest cities that you can visit that will have so many things to offer.

This is one of the places that you can visit if you want to explore as much as possible. Expect that there are going to be different places wherein you can eat. There are some places that will look amazing in photos too.

Take a Visit to Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

You can start with something that is obvious. People normally visit museums when they go to different cities for the first time. It can give them information about the place itself. Plus, there may be some items that can be found in this museum that will be hard to find anywhere else. There are various rooms that you can visit. Whether you are into Egyptian artifacts or you would like to know more about the dinosaurs, you can find what you are searching for, for sure. 

Climb Cabot Tower

The word “climb” may put you off especially when you do not want to do a lot of hard activities. This will be worth it though. This 19th-century tower will give you an overview of the city. You can even see the river area of Bristol. The best thing about this is that you can enter the tower for free. You just need to be familiar with the times when it will be open to the public. 

Check Georgian House Museum

This is one of the stops that you can take before going to the old city of Bristol. This will give you a slight view of how slavery may have happened in the plantation areas before. The clear thing is you will see exactly what type of prosperity slavery has brought before. All of the luxuries that were available before can be seen in this house. Like the other museums in Bristol, expect that the entrance fee is going to be free. This is definitely going to be worth your time. 

Old City Goodness

You know that you cannot enjoy Bristol if you would not check the old city. You will be able to see how people may have lived during medieval times. The old city boundaries will still be visible. You can make your imagination run wild to see how the city may have looked like in the past. 

Sunset-Watching at Clifton Suspension Bridge

This is an iconic bridge and a lot of people say that this symbolizes Bristol. This is still a bridge that people use right now. To enjoy the sunset, go towards the east side of the bridge. You can find the conservatory there. If you go here during the summer, expect that there are going to be a lot of people who will also visit the place. 

There are still so many sights to see in Bristol. Most people recommend staying overnight or at least two days to fully enjoy the city.

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