Office cleaning procedures and steps

Office cleaning procedures and steps

If you work under an office cleaning service you might require cleaning procedures and steps that will help you carry out your job effectively; also, this information can be used by employees to initiate office cleaning, without having to stress much about the services of commercial cleaners.

If you are interested in maintaining a tidy and clean environment in your place of work or if you want your office cleaning services to be as effective as ever, then you should follow the procedures and steps below:

  1. Gather your office cleaning equipment: The first thing you want to do in cleaning your office is to gather your cleaning equipment be it a rag, a vacuum, a disinfectant, a dirt basket etc. You should have a janitorial cart with important supplies and chemicals in place. If it is necessary to mop the floor you have to place a sign signaling that cleaning is being done In that area. After gathering your equipment, the next procedure will be based on your cleaning routine daily, weekly, monthly or bi-annually.
  1. Daily routine cleaning procedures: If you are going to be doing a daily routine office cleanup then you should focus on the following steps:
    ●       Check through your office area both public and private areas for any form of papers or dirt; pick them up and place in a dust-bin
    ●       Make use of a vacuum cleaner on dirt or debris that cannot be removed ordinarily by the hand, you can employ the use of a backpack vacuum attachment it is usually very effective for rounding up dirt around your office areas.
    ●       If you notice any stain on your rug, carpet, furniture or wall; make use of a stain removing chemicals or machines.
  1. Weekly routine cleaning procedure:  For a weekly routine carry out the following steps:
    ●       Make use of a micro-fibre cloth or a rag to remove dust from filing cabinets, desk, shelves, electronic gadgets etc.
    ●       Empty your office trash cans, thereafter change all waste bags
    ●       Make use of a disinfectant on an electronic gadget like keyboards, telephones, computer, and printing machines to remove dust stocked in thin areas.
    ●       Dust off your windows, doors, and fans with rags.
    ●       Mop your tiled floor or make use of a vacuum on carpet and rugs
    ●       Finally, make use of a vacuum to clean up office areas still retaining dust.
  1. Monthly routine cleaning procedures: follow the steps below:
    ●       Clean up all units attached to the wall, like the towel dispensers and hand dryers. Pay more attention to the restroom and clean up all necessary equipment and unit in there.
    ●       Polish up all desks, chairs, shelves, cupboards and every other wooden material in the office.
    ●       Make use of a vacuum on all wooden materials and office fan.
  1. Bi-annually cleaning routine procedures:
    ●       Check for damages on floor tiles or restroom wall-mounted units and replace them if any is found
    ●       Burnish floor immediately after replacing them.
    ●       Remove all carpets and rugs and check for any cuts or damages; replace or repair if seen


By following the above procedures, office cleaning becomes much more easy and straightforward. Also, as a commercial cleaner if you don’t have a business procedure yet or if you just started up your business you can make the above procedures and steps a base for your working processes.

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