Office cleaning guides-to keep your office spotless and clean

Office cleaning guides-to keep your office spotless and clean

            Office cleaning is very vital to enhance the company’s growth; hence I have come up with a guide on how you could carry this out effectively. This guide is meant for both in-office personnel and for commercial cleaning services whose aim is to keep offices spotless and clean

            It is so unfortunate that most company of today neglect some important factors that can bring about result, most times they focus on things that are not worthwhile and neglect the role a clean and tidy office environment plays in attracting customers and enhancing business efficiency.

            Maintaining the tidiness of your office might seem impossible; however, if you follow this guide you will learn how to retain a spotless and clean office environment

Office cleaning guides

1.     Get your equipment’s ready

The first thing you have to do before cleaning is to gather all tools and equipment that would be needed and place them in a spacious container: Some important equipment to take note of includes: 

●       Vacuum cleaner

●       Mop

●       Sprayer

●       Clean microfiber cloth

●       Bin Liners

●       Disinfectant

●       Scrub

●       Glass cleaner

●       Furniture polish

2.     Follow the steps below

Steps for rapid cleaning of office:

●        Empty trash can  and replace bin liners

●       Dust furniture and electronic gadget

●       Make use of a clean microfiber cloth to remove any dust  that persists on surfaces

●       Make use of a vacuum on rugs, carpet and window sills


For deep cleaning:

●       Clear your desk and place all paper works neatly in a container

●       A clean desk and desk components thoroughly with a microfiber cloth

●       Dust all electronic gadget and use a sprayer to remove dirt in thin areas

●       Remove rugs and carpet and check for any damages; repair or replace if found

●       Use a glass cleaner to scrub the dirt off windows and glass doors

●       Sanitize and disinfect telephone, door handles and file cabinet

●       Polish furniture neatly when necessary

Office Restroom cleaning guides

1.     Get your equipment’s ready

Before starting up your clean-up make sure you have the following in place;

●       Dry cloths

●       Rubber gloves

●       Sponge or scrubbing brush

●       Abrasive cleaner

●       Disinfectant and a sprayer

●       Mop

2.     Follow the steps below

For rapid clean:

●       Wear a glove and remove any dirt in the tub

●       Rinse the off tub and WC and flush with a liquid detergent

For deep clean:

●       If your toilet is made up of porcelain coating, spray a mild abrasive detergent on it and wait till it soaks for sometimes; however, if your WC is made up of an acrylic coating make use of a non-abrasive detergent

●       After doing the above scrub toilet component thoroughly

●       If you notice any persistent stains use a baking soda and a sponge to scrub it off

●       Replace toilet soap, toilet paper and detergent when needed

Office Kitchen cleaning guides

1.     Get your equipment’s  ready

Gather the following equipment together before starting your clean-up

●        Rubber gloves

●       Brush

●       vacuum

●       sponge

●       Cloth

●       Disinfectant

●       Liquid soap

●       Spray

●       vinegar


●       empty trash cans and get a new bin liner

●       Vacuum kitchen floor.

●       Mop floor with liquid soap and scrub if you notice any stains

●       Clear the sink and surrounding areas

●       Use a relatively hot soapy water and a sponge to clean-up sink

●       Spray some antibacterial chemicals r disinfectant on the sink and further scrub to remove germs

●       Rinse the sink

●       Use a wet cloth and sponge to clean up other kitchen appliances

●       Use vinegar to ward off stains when needed


            By following the above guidelines, you can be assured that your office room, restroom and kitchen will remain as spotless, clean and sparkling as ever.

3 Gleem Home / House cleaning staff members inside a  homeroom wearing  purple aprons, white t-shirts with white Gleem logo and yellow rubber gloves on hands holding a cleaning brush, vacuum cleaner and  a mop.