Bristol's museums are a place of wonder and learning for all ages.

Museums in Bristol You Should Take Time to See

Going to Bristol can be a fun experience especially if you are fond of museum-hopping. There are so many things to see. You know that you will be able to see the type of culture that you want from here. You can just walk a bit and you will see a cultural institution that you can easily check out.

Whether you would like to try a more kid-friendly museum or you would like to see a museum that features contemporary art, everything will be up to you. There are just so many museums that you can see and check out when you visit Bristol.

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

You can already guess from its name what it can offer. You can see different things here. Whether you would like to see some Egyptian mummies or you just want to see new pieces of art, you know that there are so many things that will get your interest. There are some permanent pieces that you can only see in this museum. Plus, there are also some temporary shows that you can only catch from time to time.

M Shed

Do you want to know more about Bristol’s history? It will be nice to check out the city and see how it used to be in the past. It can give you a better understanding of its culture. At the same time, you may also appreciate it more. It will give you a glimpse not only of its past but also its present and its future.

The Red Lodge Museum

This used to be a historic house but it has been altered to become a museum. A lot of people walk by it because they do not realize that this is a museum. You can be familiar with the place so that you will not miss it. Just a reminder: you need to schedule your visit because it is a bit small.

We The Curious

If you normally get bored when you are checking out the usual museums, this is the best one that you can check out. This is interactive which means that the chances that you will get bored are slimmer. There are a lot of exhibits that will teach you things but will also make you feel like you are learning things that you actually like. This is a great choice if you need to bring kids with you. Yet, it can also be a great choice when you are traveling alone.

Spike Island

If you are into contemporary art, then this is the best museum to visit. This gallery may not be as well-known as the other galleries mentioned above. Yet, it is still worth visiting when you go to Bristol. There is a café nearby that you can visit after enjoying the art that you can find inside the museum.

Blaise Castle House Museum

Do you want to see an antique mansion? This may be what you are searching for. This is now open to the public and it is meant to be enjoyed. A lot of people love visiting the Red Wallpapered Room out of the different rooms that can be found in this place. This may be a bit far from the usual places that you will visit in Bristol but a lot of people have said that this is worth it.

Check these different museums so that you can choose which ones you would love to visit soon.

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