Introduction to Commercial Cleaning Products

Introduction to Commercial Cleaning Products

The demand for commercial cleaning products is much higher compared to that of domestic products. Besides, there are commercial chemicals that are stronger, and the application specifics are not intended for household use. These types of commercial cleaning products are manufactured and recommended for industrial uses.

Whether you are cleaning the office as a team, yourself, or using a commercial cleaning company, having the right commercial cleaning products is important to achieve the correct results and create a hygienic environment. Here are some examples of commercial cleaning products that are safe for home use:

  • Microfiber cloths - the use of microfiber cloths are the perfect way to ensure that when cleaning germs and dirt, they do not spread from one surface to another
  • Hospital grade disinfectants
  • Degreasers
  • Aerosol disinfectants and germicidal cleaners.

However, the general public needs more guidance in choosing the right commercial cleaning products for their needs. Ultimately, a business in need of such cleaning products would base its decision primarily on cost alone. But with the different types of germs, viruses, and dirt that garbage produces, you need to be more vigilant to ensure cleanliness.

The most demanding commercial cleaning products are green cleaners as most of the ingredients are natural, organic, or are extracted from plant products. Essential oils are also included in the formulation of these products. There are several different approaches, some of which incorporate baking soda or essential oils that shouldn't irritate your clients' allergies or cause headaches. Since this is a major change with an increase in demand as many customers are requesting the change, your investment in this type of service will likely be worth it. Although, the ability of naturally-based commercial cleaners to effectively reduce pathogens is yet to be fully understood. However, it is highly preferred for commercial use as it is environmentally friendly.

Chemical cleaners are the most common type of cleaning product used for commercial cleaning purposes. Dilution concentrate appears to be a cost-effective solution, especially when used over large areas. These chemicals come in different forms, but the most convenient type would be liquid and has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. The only downside to using these products is the smell these chemicals give off. In most cases, chlorine or acids are used in the liquid mixture and can also be toxic if not used correctly.

Steam cleaners are another variety of commercial cleaning products that can be used for carpets. However, this type of cleaner is only applicable to remove dirt, as research on its ability to reduce pathogens has not yet been conducted.

There are many commercial cleaning products you can use, but the important thing is to make sure that you have the right equipment and chemicals to deal with any eventualities and clean all areas regularly. Daily cleaning is important to prevent the accumulation of dirt and grime, as well as to prevent the spread of bacteria. The best option is to hire professional commercial cleaning services, to have more time for other tasks and also to ensure you have a clean office that is professionally done when the need arises.

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