How to get rid of flies

How to get rid of flies

How To Get Rid Of Flies At Home Or Office

Flies, an unwelcome house guest

Last week, Gleem looked at a classic method to target those annoying flies hanging around your home. This week we will be looking at a more aesthetically-pleasing method to combat these critters.

A fly's sworn enemy...
A fly’s sworn enemy…

Going Green: anti-fly plants

Another way on how to get rid of flies is the obvious candidate is the Venus Fly Trap, but did you know that herbs are pretty amazing deterrents too? We love the sound of using mint in the kitchen to ward off any flies landing on work surfaces, and growing basil is just as effective apparently. We also heard (on the vine…) that tomato plants, as well as infusing your kitchen with a lovely summer-y aroma, are flies’ worst enemy.

An added bonus is all these ingredients combine to form a fresh seasonal salad, which presumably will also detract any flies so you can enjoy your food in peace!

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