Steps on cleaning your glass office walls

In what ways do I clean an office terrazzo floor?

Terrazzo floors have always existed since the olden times. Terrazzo consists of ships such as glass, marble, granite, quartzite, and any other suitable material, which requires mixed for chemical binding. After its set as a floor, it is polished to smoothen it to give a shiny finish.

Terrazzo floors are popular in commercial buildings and office setups.

Materials and equipment required for cleaning office terrazzo floors
-Clean dust mop
-Mop bucket
-Floor buffer
-Auto Scrubber
-Neutral cleaner
-Water-based sealer
-Microfiber applicator
-Chemical stripper

Ways for maintaining a terrazzo office floor
-Keep mops, buckets, and water clean always.
-When applying materials to a terrazzo surface, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
-Select neutral cleaners as harsh cleaners damage the terrazzo floor.
-Always put caution sign when cleaning till they are completely dry
-To achieve a high gloss finish, ask for instructions from your nearest contractor, and avoid using wax products.

Daily cleaning of office terrazzo floor
-Open all the office window before cleaning to allow the flow of air in the office
-Collect any waste around the office and empty the office dustbin.
-Use a wet clean dust mop to the office, starting from the far end towards the door in circular motions.
-Clean any stains available using neutral cleaners diluted in warm water.
-Clean the mop, the bucket, and keep them dry.

Weekly cleaning
-Open all the office windows and vacuum clean to get rid of any available dust around the office materials
-Rearrange the office furniture to create room for easy cleaning
-Use a clean damp mop with a neutral cleaner to mop the floor
-In case of heavily soiled floors, use a buffing machine to scrub off the soil and a neutral cleaner.
-After cleaning the surface in small portions, ensure to rinse the floor and mop the residue with clean water.
-Allow the floor to dry then buff it with a dry brush. Polish the floor if need be.

How to polish terrazzo floors

-After cleaning the terrazzo floor, allow it to dry overnight completely.
-Pour a terrazzo or marble sealer in a bucket then apply it to the floor using a floor roller. Remove excess sealer -before leaving it to dry overnight
-Use a buffing machine with light-colored pads to buff the floor systematically
-Rub the buffer across the terrazzo covering the entire floor with sprinkled pH-neutral polishing powder.
-Mop the floor with a clean damp cloth to remove any leftover polishing powder. Buff the floor with a buffing machine until it has the required shine.

Reasons as to why we polish terrazzo floors

-To get rid of scratches
Without regular upkeep of the terrazzo floor, there will be wearing out of the floor due to traffic in and out of the office; therefore, it is essential to maintain the floor by polishing it regularly.

-To prevent the terrazzo floor from lifting
If the terrazzo floor in the office is not well maintained, it will start lifting; therefore, it is good to polish it regularly.

-Prevents staining and discoloration
Polishing the terrazzo floor will maintain the color of the floors and avoid staining and discoloration due to traffic in the office.

-Gives the floor a high shine
Regular polishing of the floor will provide an excellent appearance to the office as well as make it easier to mop the floor.

Terrazzo floor has been known to be very convenient and accommodating to our crowded offices as they don’t easily wear out.

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