How to write a winning cleaning proposal

How to write a winning cleaning proposal

Advertisements, face-to-face negotiations, pitching and all sorts of direct marketing are among the many ways of winning clients for your office cleaning business. However, you can also do also do proposals and still earn your share of the market. All you need to do is write a client-winning proposal. The first rule, focus less on cleaning in the proposal. The client already knows you are a cleaning business. Much of your focus should be on how different your service will be. Make them attracted to your service. After this, you should be able to do one or many for your business.

The “why” comes before “what?”

Usually, people think that the best way to attracting a client is by telling them what you do. This is however not an effective method, it is less credible and will not change what the customer feels about your business. Tell the customer why you are doing what you are doing and believe what we say because it works.

Prospect commercial cleaning clients should tell your difference from the competition.
The customer cannot do this on their own. You need to put them in a position to see you as a bigger difference from your competition. The difference should not direct, do not belittle your competition; instead, subtly lay out the difference your business has all through the proposal. Aspects like how fast you can be accessed, do you use a given technology, do you have an app, how reliable is your service strategy.
Talk about what others see in your services.
Ratings, reviews, endorsements, referrals and customer lists are many a way to talk about yourself. They are an indication of what others think about you. People will not just trust you but trust your clients. You can share a contact or two to allow the prospect client to query your clients about your service. Testimonials help a lot in such situations.

Promise the clients a good future

Draw a picture of the impact you will have on your prospective client’s organization. It is not just about cleaning the office and making look better. You have to tell your client how motivated the employees will feel about the environment. Maybe how their clients will think about their offices once cleaned. This difference will earn permanent ink on paper.

Talk about your commitment to the client.
Not every business shows commitment to its clients. Companies will keep sucking money from clients in exchange for poor cleaning service and lousy customer service. A commitment to your customer satisfaction is what every client is looking for. There needs to be a promise that once the contract is signed, you will act on its stipulations a hundred percent.
Communicate the “what next”

You have won the client; follow your proposal with your first few steps of the business. Clear the air about when you will be picking your payment and agree with the client on cleaning schedules.
You now have the idea of what to do with your cleaning company proposal. Make this amends, and you will not regret the outcomes of your effort. Get back to us because we are here for you.

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