How to clean your office glass walls

How to clean your office glass walls

Glass walls give the offices a modern look and communicate a good mood about that workplace. The opposite happens if we don’t clean these glass walls. To continue the sophisticated look offered by your glass walls, the company needs to engage in proper and regular glass wall office cleaning. Glass walls are known to need extra care as they are easily exposed to dirt and easily ruined. Glass wall get dirty quicker especially do to wind and dust blowing past them. Doing things right can change that. Below are some of the tips to consider when cleaning your glass walls:

• Avoid using adhesives for your walls

Adhesives are known to mostly destroy the glass walls if you do not use the right once. Always consider using friendly adhesives for your glass walls at all times to prevent any damages from occurring.

• Use glass wall-friendly solutions to clean your wall

Consider using cleaning solutions that will not be corrosive to your walls when cleaning. Caustic solutions will cause damage to the glass, damaging the appearance of the glass.

• Always remember to clean both sides of your glass walls

You need to maintain cleaning both sides of your glass walls to ensure they are sparkling clean. Cleaning only one side of the glass wall will only make the glass look dirtier as it cannot be maintained even if you try. Therefore, consider cleaning both sides.

• Consider using appropriate methods to clean your glass walls. Below are some of those methods:

Vertical method- used on windows that are tall and not wide.

Horizontal method-. Used on windows that are wide and not tall

Fanning method-used for both vertical and horizontal methods it does not require the lifting of the squeegee.

• Avoid cleaning your glass walls during sunny days as it will only make you leave smears on the glass. The sun will also dry the soap before rinsing, which causes staining of the glass. Always consider cleaning during cloudy days.
Steps on how to clean your glass walls

• Clean your glass walls from top to bottom to avoid dirtying already cleaned surfaces. The top to bottom method will ensure that you will be able to get rid of any left solutions on the walls.

• Always clean your glass windows on cloudy days to prevent the drying of the solution before rinsing.

• Consider using squeegee while cleaning to clean your glass walls quickly.

Pay extra attention to the corners of your glass walls to get rid of any hidden dirt. Use cotton swabs to get rid of the hidden dirt.

• Use old cloths when polishing your glass to save on cost instead of going through the hustle of continually buying tissue paper.

Maintaining office glass walls requires extra care. Proper maintenance will continue to guarantee your workplace that sophisticated look. You always have to offer that care considering glass walls tend to be vulnerable to the tiniest of dirt with the least exposure to wind.

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