How to clean office cabinets

How to clean office cabinets

Points on how to clean office cabinets

Cleaning office cabinets helps us have an organized working environment with easy access to important files. It is good once in a while in our offices to make sure we have thoroughly cleaned and organized our paperwork and files in an orderly manner. This helps us sort all kinds of data from the most important to the least important while discarding unwanted paperwork.

Equipment required for cleaning office cabinets
-Storage boxes
-Handheld vacuum cleaner
-Dust wipes
-Steel wool
-Dry clean cloth

Steps followed before cleaning of the cabinets
Before cleaning starts, we first remove all the files and contents in the cabinet

You can't easily start cleaning the office cabinets before you arranged the files from the cabinets and put them in a safer place like storage boxes.

After you have arranged the important files in the storage boxes, it's good also to get rid of the unwanted papers and dispose of them into the dustbin.

-Vacuum the cabinet drawers
This helps get rid of debris and any other stubborn dirt before cleaning begins.

-Dust the cabinets reaching the corners
Dirt is mostly hidden in the edges of the cabinet, so it is important to dust the corners before cleaning begins to get rid of the hidden dirt.

-Use steel wool to remove rust
Metal cabinets tend to store rust after some time, so it is important to Scrub it off gently to prevent any health hazards caused by the rust this also gives the cabinets an unsightly view if left UN attended to.

Steps to cleaning cabinets
-Prepare a soapy water mix.

-Do a good scrubbing starting from top to bottom, ensuring to touch all the surfaces of the cabinets to avoid dust and debris from settling on areas you've already cleaned.

-Use a mild detergent with warm water to get rid of grease or dirt. Go back to the top with a clean cloth to dry off the soap residue and dirt.

-If your cabinet has stayed for a while without cleaning or has, stains use bubbling alcohol to get rid of the stubborn stains. Do this by rubbing the alcohol on the affected area.

-Scrub away any left rust with extra-fine steel wool on the affected spot. Use minimum pressure to avoid scrubbing off the finish. If bare spots are left on the areas, apply metal paint.

-Dry the metal thoroughly to get rid of any water since the moisture can cause rusting.

-Finish the metal cabinets with waxing

Use car wax to give the cabinet a lustrous finish. Make sure to open windows while applying the wax for ventilation.

-After completely drying, put back the office file in order.

How to organize an office cabinet

-Come up with a filing system

This is how you will document your papers and documents in files

This can be done generally or specify in details of the documents.

You can use different filing systems such as: numerically, alphabetically, by names, by projects, by companies, by years, and by dates.

-List down all your files

This is whereby you come up with the names of files for easy specification on the data.

-Personalize your office files and cabinets

This will make your filing system easier and enjoyable at the same time.

This will also take a shorter time when you are required to find a file in the office cabinet.

-Come up with folders and hanging files

Do this using the list you came up with containing the names of different files.

After the process of filing your documents and paperwork, it will become easy to arrange your cabinet and access documents. This will save on time and make the office look presentable and tidy.

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