How to Clean All Your Home in 1 Hour!

How to Clean All Your Home in 1 Hour!

Your guests arrive in 1 hour but it’s messy in your house?
Or simply, you want to clean everything quickly without spending 3 hours?

Do not worry, here’s the guide that will save your life!
With this handy guide, you will find a clean house in 1 hour. Look:

When our founder was still in university he worked several summers as a cleaner to make ends meet. Thanks to this experience, he learned great tricks to speed up cleaning. Today, we can say it to you: YES, it is entirely possible to clean ANY medium-sized house in less than 1 hour!
Obviously, it takes work and concentration: no flipping through the magazines you’re putting away or spend time watching Facebook on your phone.

If you follow this guide WITHOUT taking a break, you too will have a sparkling home in no time. Let’s go!

Always start from the top. No matter what part you clean, always start cleaning from top to bottom.

Why? Like that, dirt and dust will naturally fall on the lower surfaces that you will clean afterwards.

Start by cleaning the dust on your wall shelves. If you have a ceiling fan, this is also the time to do it.

Then dust the furniture and other furniture by deliberately letting dust and dirt fall on the floor.

It is only during the last stage that you will clean the floors and thus remove all the dirt and dust at once.

The bedrooms in 6 minutes
– Remove the sheets from the bed and put sheets clean. To avoid bending your back when you change the fitted sheet, lift the corner of the mattress with one hand and insert the corners of the fitted sheet with the other.
– Store all objects that are out of order. If you’re really in a hurry, put all these items in a small basket or plastic box, and then put them out of sight in a closet for storage at another time.
– Wipe the furniture with a microfibre cloth and a dust spray, always working from top to bottom.

The bathroom in 7 min
– If you have several bathrooms or toilets at home, it’s more efficient to clean them all at once. First take a quick tour of all bathrooms and toilets, then start clearing all flat surfaces. Then spray surfaces and showers/bathtubs with a house cleaner such as this one . Leave it on while you clean the toilet.
– Return to each bathroom and toilet to wipe surfaces, rinse showers/tubs and clean mirrors.
– To save time, clean the floors of your bathrooms at the same time as the kitchen.

The living room and the dining room in 7 min
– Store all messy items in cupboards and shelves first.
– From one corner of the room, go around the room and remove the dust from the surfaces, always working from top to bottom. If you have blinds or ceiling fans, clean them first.
– Use the brush (the one with soft bristles) of your vacuum cleaner to vacuum and clean sofas, armchairs and other furniture covered with fabric.
– In the last step, vacuum the living room, the dining room and all the surfaces of the house covered with carpet and carpets.

3 Gleem Home / House cleaning staff members inside a  homeroom wearing  purple aprons, white t-shirts with white Gleem logo and yellow rubber gloves on hands holding a cleaning brush, vacuum cleaner and  a mop.