It is very important to keep your office always clean and well organized because it has a way of attracting customers to your businesses. Offices regularly become a haven for dust, dirt, germs and bacteria which usually cause sickness. However, when you clean your offices regularly you can always achieve a tidy, and a germ-free environment. 

While in the office we do more activities than just working; for instance, we eat, we talk, and we sneeze and a lot more. Most of these activities lead to the spread of germs and if we are not careful and cautious enough to do the needful; sicknesses and infections arise.

But, how can we get rid of the germs and dirt’s rampaging offices?

  1. Using a moist Microfiber cloth to wipe out dusty surfaces: when wiping out dusty surfaces you have to do it meticulously by using a damp microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths contain more than 200,000 fibres per fabric inches hence; it is most suitable for grabbing dirt and dust plus it is environmentally friendly. To do the cleaning meticulously you have to initially remove every files, gadget or paper on the office desk and clean through it with the microfiber cloth. Also, you shouldn’t neglect areas like fan blades, desk drawer, back support, window sills, etc. Your computer gadget like your office monitor, keyboard, printing machines, and photocopier should also be cleaned appropriately.


  1.  Using a vacuum cleaner or hoover to remove debris from the office floor:  Use the vacuum to work the office floors, edges and corners. You can also switch to a different vacuum attachment; for instance, you can make use of a vacuum dusting brush attachment to whisk around window sills, bookcases and desk handles; also, you can use the upholstery attachment to clean over office chairs and desk and lastly an extension wand attachment should be used to remove dust dangling on high ceilings and corners of the office or in thin areas of appliances.


  1. Disinfection: As an office worker most times we do things unknowingly, sometimes we use a dirty hand to type, to receive a call or to manoeuvre our mouse and this frequently leads to the spread of germs and sickness; hence, it is very necessary to always disinfect areas in the office visited and touched, for example, your office gadgets like phone, computer, keypads, keyboard and printing machine, office surroundings and doors, tables and chairs. Most especially, you should focus more on places were customers frequently visit.


  1. Consistency: Without being consistent doing the above processes your office will remain dirty. Hence, you should create a schedule or a reminder on a weekly base. You can also create a cleaning routine where you state what form of cleaning to be done on a particular day. However, you should make sure your disinfectant is close to your desk so that on intervals you can make use of them to kill germs and bacteria.



Making sure your office is neat and habitable with a nice fragrance smell is a plus to attracting more customers. From today henceforth try as much as possible to imbibe the act of consistently cleaning your offices with a microfiber cloth, vacuum and a disinfectant.

3 Gleem Home / House cleaning staff members inside a  homeroom wearing  purple aprons, white t-shirts with white Gleem logo and yellow rubber gloves on hands holding a cleaning brush, vacuum cleaner and  a mop.