Five common mistakes made during office cleaning

Maintaining an office is quite a challenge with the wrong approach taken. Some of the things that make office cleaning difficult is that we assume and ignore tiny requirements such as cleaning agents. Office cleaning also tends to toughen as offices are easily exposed to dust and light dirt. Seeking advice from other experienced cleaners becomes a hard task therefore a difficulty maintaining a clean office. Equipment also makes the list of some of the things we need to pay attention to. Many things are overlooked in a cleaning process. Doing things right allows you to be able to handle any work in a clean office without pressure. Note that good cleaning in a single occasion should make the next cleaning day easier. Below are some of the common mistakes we make during office cleaning:

1. Using abrasive material

Abrasive materials are considered destructive to highly delicate office equipment. During office cleaning, you should avoid using hard abrasion, which can easily wear out your gear. For example, the use of hard abrasives to wipe your electric appliances such as your computer monitor can scratch and damage your computer screen. The abrasives will also reduce your office equipment lifespan as they will be destroyed by scratching.

2. Use of the wrong materials

Use of Wrong materials is considered a mistake most office cleaners make. This is most of the time caused by ignorance or lack of knowledge. While cleaning floors, consider the type of mops and floor cleaning solutions. For office restrooms, toilet equipment, including a different type of toilet cleaning solution. If we make a mistake and use the wrong solutions for our floors and carpets, we will have a high chance of ruining them at that instant.

3. Use of low-quality vacuum cleaners

Most cleaners may consider going for cheaper vacuum cleaners having a mindset that it will give the same results. We forget that before we consider the price, we should consider the working of the vacuum cleaners and their results. Low-quality cleaners may even lead to spewing dust back in the air and original places.

4. Use of dry clothes for dusting

Most people think that dusting should be done using dry clothes, which is a mistake we all make. Dusting with a dry cloth will only spew dust to the air. What we need is a dump or wet cloth that will collect and hold dust.

5. Use of unmaintained cleaning clothes

Office cleaning is a requirement for a healthy office environment. We should consider cleaning and keeping our cleaning materials dry. For example, our cleaning mops should be kept clean and dry this will help prevent bad ardor coming from our cleaning mops and rugs, which will give an unpleasant outcome when used.

Being a cleaner is simple and easy at the same time; therefore, it is good we try to avoid making mistakes. Mistakes will always lead to us having difficulty while cleaning our offices.

3 Gleem Home / House cleaning staff members inside a  homeroom wearing  purple aprons, white t-shirts with white Gleem logo and yellow rubber gloves on hands holding a cleaning brush, vacuum cleaner and  a mop.