Do-It-Yourself Office Cleaning Hacks

Do-It-Yourself Office Cleaning Hacks

You just started a small business and have acquired a small office to run your daily activities. You have not hired enough staff; could be you are starting off and you are trying to cut on expenses. You definitely need a few skills to keep your office tidy and safe as you work. A good and clean office means good clients and good results.

Cleaning your floors

Choose a good floor scrubber. A good floor scrubber is the fast step to cleaning your floors. Your scrubber should be able to allow you to use less energy to tidy up your space. The scrubber should come be able get rid of hard dirt that could stick on your floor and make it look ugly. This scrubber should be able to keep your floor dry as fast as possible.

Cleaning your desk and work table

The surface you work on should always be clean and organized. With all the papers kept away. Use a partly wet cloth to remove dust from your desk. You can use a scented cleaning spray as you gently wipe; ensure the scent is mild to avoid evoking your allergies and those of your customers. Later use a clean and dry cloth to get rid any wetness that might be remaining on desk.

Cleaning your Seat

An ergonomic seat can be simple to clean, you are just sitting on it anyway. In case you carried mad it might have gotten to the base of your seat. You need to get rid of it using wet cloth and dry it to prevent damaging as a result of dirt accumulation in the wheels. A good seat ensures you get to do your job without worrying about its condition. Use mild seat sprays to dry sitting area and backrest. This will text less of your time.

Room Ventilation and Ambience

Every day we walk to offices some are clean, some shamefully have shameful scents. The first item in office cleaning is having your office windows and door open as you clean. When everything else is in order, use an air freshener, you can the auto air freshener that keeps the room fresh each hour of the day. This is a good practice, do not forget that not all people are comfortable around a freshener, keep it off at certain times of the day until your visitor leaves and leave the windows partly open to allow for breeze into the room as your work.

Organise your office

Cleaning is not about removing dirt alone. Arrange your paperwork and stationery. Have a stationery holder, get a shelf for your files. Have a coat holder so that your desk remains free and clean.

Hand Sanitisers

At work you come into contact with lots of stationery and equipment. Most of these are germs carrier. Hand sanitiser will prevent transfer of germs across the working area. In case you have a whiteboard using the hand sanitiser to keep it clean in place of tissue papers.

Gleem always keep a HUGE stock of hand sanitisers: if you want us to drop some off free of charge to your office, just email and ask, we’d be more than happy to!

3 Gleem Home / House cleaning staff members inside a  homeroom wearing  purple aprons, white t-shirts with white Gleem logo and yellow rubber gloves on hands holding a cleaning brush, vacuum cleaner and  a mop.