Facts and Myths about Office Cleaning

People know that office cleaning is done on a regular basis. However, just a few of them are aware of how much effort and organization it takes. Usually, there are general services departments in charge of controlling it. The main idea is to not disturb regular operations. So, it is common that cleaning services execute their tasks at the end of the day or very early in the morning. Due to that, there are some facts and myths about it and here you will know about some of them.

  1. Myth: Only external providers execute services for cleaning offices
    Fact: Cleaning services are sometimes provided for external companies and other times for regular employees hired for that purpose
    Although companies offering services for cleaning offices are thriving these days, the truth is that many companies still maintain the traditional way. This is to say, they hire regular employees to execute those tasks.
  2. Myth: Professional cleaning services are very expensive
    : There are different ranges of prices for cleaning services. It depends on the frequency, quality, and size of the office.
    Some small companies hold on to find out about professional cleaning services because think of them as too expensive for their operations. But in the reality, it is possible to find them for every type of budget.
  3. Myth: The personnel of cleaning services has access to all the cabinets and files of the office
    : the access provided by businesses to cleaning services is limited
    Although cleaners can go around the office, they can only access the places and cabinets they are authorized. If they have to clean sensitive areas, it is possible to stay with them while they do it. Also, every company or business is free to grant or not access to certain areas.
  4. Myth: Only cleaning service providers select cleaning products
    : Clients or businesses also have the option to select and propose the products to be used in office cleaning. Professional services may offer and recommend some products, but it is up to the client to decide what to use.
    Initially, cleaning service providers propose the use of certain products. However, the client can also suggest or request specific products.
  5. Myth: Office cleaning services cover all the aspects every day
    Fact: Cleaning services may vary every day and the frequency of cleaning certain areas may vary according to the requirements of the client 

Cleaning an office every day doesn´t mean that everything needs to be cleaned every day. There are calendars o execute daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. To create that schedule it is necessary to consider the type of business and the traffic.

Final words

Services for office cleaning offer a wide range of alternatives. That allows them to serve any kind of business. Hence, any business can hire these types of services without the risk of going through false myths.

3 Gleem Home / House cleaning staff members inside a  homeroom wearing  purple aprons, white t-shirts with white Gleem logo and yellow rubber gloves on hands holding a cleaning brush, vacuum cleaner and  a mop.