Expert Tips for Your Household Cleaning

Expert Tips for Your Household Cleaning

Expert domestic cleaning tips for your household cleaning

Having your domestic cleaning done by a cleaning company can sometimes feel like a lot of work. They may end up misplacing things, and you may never be really sure about what goes where after they are left. There is a simple solution to domestic cleaning and if you have kids, it’s a great way to get them involved in all your cleaning. We have come up with some fantastic ways to clean as well as have fun, so that the whole family can get involved.

1) Always endeavour to dust your place up before you vacuum. If you have dusted you will find that your place looks a lot cleaner. The reason for this is that all the dust will fall to the floor, making your windowsills as well as other things appear clean.

2) Wipe all the wooden surfaces in the direction of the grain to avoid streaks. Any good cleaner can tell you that wooden surfaces are some of the most challenging things to clean. When you get a small damp cloth and you can clean them this way, you will find that they shine a lot more.

3) Place mats both inside and outside your front door to ensure that you drastically reduce the amount of dirt that comes through the door. When you have one that is outside, it is perfect for catching things like leaves and wet soil – especially if it has been raining. By the time the person has stepped through the door, they can wipe their shoes again. This will make house cleaning much simpler for you in the long run!

4) If you have a microwave that has food splatters all over it, all you need to do is warm up a bowl of hot water and set the timer on it. As it microwaves the water, all the steam from the water will loosen up the splatters. All you need to do after that is to take a damp cloth and wipe it up, which surely beats trying to scrub the splatters off.

5) Professional cleaners know the importance of the sponges and dishcloths that we use. If you are unable to keep replacing them on a regular basis, due to your budget, it is advisable and wise to microwave them, as it will kill all bacteria in an instant; or soak them in boiling hot water – it serves the same purpose.

Expert domestic cleaning tips for your household cleaning2

6) Always check everywhere before you start to use the vacuum cleaner. You may end up finding that you’re sucking up small things such as earrings, not to mention toys and other small bits and bobs like hair pins. It only takes a few minutes to check under the bed as well as your sofas.

7) Unclogging any type of lime scale from anywhere is simple. Mix part water and part vinegar and brush onto the pipes. If it is somewhere like on a shower head, then all you need to do is remove it and soak it into a bowl of this solution for a good effect.

8) Clean your bathroom on a regular basis, as this prevents the build up of mildew and mould onto the surfaces. Each time you have showered, go over your tiles with a cloth and open all the windows to ensure enough cold, fresh air circulates into the place and ventilates it.


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